New Guy with a few question!


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Sep 3, 2009
Hey guys
I just got into the stang scene but have been in the car/wrenching scene for a while now. I got a deal offered to me that seems to be a very good investment. I would appreciate it if some of the more experienced guys can give me some advice, and really let me know what they think about it. I have been reading and researching the **** out of it, but some opinons couldnt hurt.

Details on the car
89 Notchback
Rebuilt 5.0 w/ 0 miles since rebuild(complete rebuild) bit of performace parts (cam, intake, heads, exhaust)
T-5 w/ 90k miles on it
King Cobra clutch/pressure plate unused
aluminum drive shaft w/ 3.73 gears
No rust but body panels at about 85% fitment
Needs:wiring, radiator, fuel system.

Guy wants 1700 ob, what would you do/ask?

Honestly any advice would be great, got to make up my mind shortly!
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Oct 17, 2003
Richmond, VA
wiring is a pain. if its a rust free car that seems to be straight and you understand its gonna be a project then it sounds like a good deal.


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Oct 7, 2003
Needs:wiring, radiator, fuel system.

Guy wants 1700 ob, what would you do/ask?
I'd start at 1000 and see what happens, it all depends how comfortable you are with the car and overall situation. Its never fun taking someones unfinished project, especially if you cant hear the car run. Ask for reciepts, find out exactly what parts are on the car so you know what your getting, and possibly getting yourself into

time only

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Nov 15, 2002
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+1 Get a list of the high end items like brand of cylinder head,intake etc and post them on the forum. Most Mustang guy will get a idea what they are worth and take it from there.

A guy I know get a good deal for a Mustang GT couple of months back,he ended up spending twice the amount paid to get it running right. The last owner have so much mismatch parts on it for a street car ( 90mm MAS etc )we were happy it will just starts. :)


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Sep 3, 2009
Thanks for the help guys really appreciate it. I know the guy knows his **** for the most part- just got the parts list-
Its got a mild crane cam, GT40 heads, Holley intake, Edelbrock performer carb, Summit Racing distrib w MSD wires and ignition box, MAC shorty headers.
I hope we can work on the price but we'll see, again thanks and any other opinions welcome!


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May 22, 2007
motor doesn't really have anything special on it, pretty basic stuff. If it's something you really want to take on start at a grand or a little more like the others stated and go from there. If he won't bite search your feelings on how much you are really willing to sacrifice on this one vs another fox. remember you are still in the dark on a few things.
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