new guy with big problems

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  1. i bought an 87 gt air density t top car that uses deep reach plugs? i then bought an 88 gt that was in much better shape with no motor or trans for 400 so this 88 was a maf car i put my motor and ecu in this car the car runs rich surges at idle sputters if you give it more then 1/4 throttle and dies after you give it gas i have replaced the tfi,coolant temp,coil,fuel filter,tps,plugs,idle speed control valve and still runs like complete **** pls forgive my type and grammer i am in the dark
  2. We have an entire forum for 5.0 tech, with people who are a heck of a lot smarter than me.

    5.0 Mustang - 5.0 Tech at StangNet

    Posting your question there, should result with an answer.
  3. Welcome. I see you're in Lakeland. I'll be at Fantasy of Flight on the 17th for their Mustangs and Mustangs show. It should be a good time.
  4. Welcome! Small world. I go to lakeland once a year to visit family