1. Hello everyone, I just thought I make my obligitary first post. I am currently in the Market for a running project 64 1/2 to 69 in or near Florence, SC. I have had a few cars over the years (Firebirds, TAs, one Vette, a dodge pickup, and a run down Taurus), and been a member of many boards, but have been biten by the mustang bug lately.
  2. Welcome to this informative and sometimes crazy place! Just read various threads, and you'll see everything from some very knowlegable and serious members to some hilarity and silliness here in the Talk section! Welcome, jump in!

    I'm selling a 1969 Mustang convertible up here in Pennsy, just needs final bodywork, paint, & chrome if you want a trophy queen, a fantastic driver as is.
  3. Howdy!

    Just out of curiosity, is there a specific reason you aren't including the 1970 in your search? Its like a couple headlights and a 1/4 vent away from being just like the 69. :shrug:
  4. Well, I was under the impression that the '70 was radically different than the 69, I didn't realize that they were close. I guess I can expand the search to include 70's as well. Sorry, I am mostly a GM guy, and they all went to hell starting in 1970.
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    Good Luck with your search, and be sure to post any questions you might have.............:nice:
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  7. actually, they all went to pot starting with 1973
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  9. actually it began in 66 with the emissions stuff. 74 was the crappy platform. Tbird for the cougar, pinto for the Stang II. 73's still had umph. practically none had any umph after 73.

    BTW: Jay, watch out for the gutter zoo.

  10. yeah i meant after 1973, though the gas crunch caused the 73's to drop hp from the 71-72's
  11. and I did once see a 74 Ranchero with a 351C still on it....... so it varies by vehicle.....

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    My vote goes to a 70 fastback :banana:

    But I listen to the Voices :D