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  1. I have been meaning to register for awhile now, and finally did today. I have been a member of SVTPERFORMANCE for years, pretty much since I bought my 03 Cobra new in Dec 02. Since I bought my 69 M Code Mach 1, i have been wanting to get some knowledge from the sites with a lot of the older muscle cars. I am 32 years old and have 13yrs in the USAF. Stationed in Wichita KS, originally from a small town outside of St. Louis MO.

    2003 Black Cobra w/whipple 620RWHP

    1969 MACH 1 with original VIN Stamped 351W M code
    I also have the original Vin Stamped FMX Auto

    Because of sites like this one i found out that they vin stamped the trans as well as the motor, so I checked and sure enough after some cleaning there it was. I am in the process of completely restoring the car and the two things i am not going original with is a Rack and Pinion and a T-5 5 speed. After seeing the vin stamp on the FMX i will never get rid of it.
  2. Welcome, hope the site serves you well! :)
  3. Welcome and what small town are you from?
  4. Union MO

    Just off of I-44.
  5. welcome.. 03 cobra is on my wishlist.. lmk when you wanna sell it.. jk!