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  1. Great big HELLO,
    new to the forum, I used a 2.8 v6, t5, and an 8" rear end in a 64 sunbeam alpine. I know some will be upset that a mutt II was caniblised to run in another car but I can't help it when it runs good and it fits use the best!
  2. Whoa, pics please!
  3. yeah,i would like to see that ! You do know that the Sunbeam Tiger had a Ford V8 ? and Welcome to Stangnet.
  4. Ok here goes, it used to be a 74 2.8 v6 (171) Iput in 2.9 valves and seats ported and polished the heads drilled the heads between the exhaust valves for cooling.
    reground a cam to change the power range to start at about 3000 rpm, used stock pistons for mid range gas, put on an offenhauser dual plane and a 390 holly for the top. once in place fitted hedders and 2 1/4 inch exhaust to turbos. Got a t5 and rebuilt it made a drive shaft to bolt to an 8 " ford rear with 4:11 gears kept the stock wheels till I find the (ONES) you know just don't want any thing, the right ones! I saw some interesting wheels in the classified ads but am waiting for a reply from 76 cobra I think. I put in electric gages in after making a black walnut dash after a friend gave me a walnut board cut in 1954 here in Tn.
    Joe hope I loaded the pics right!

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  5. Thanks, yep I know they used a 260 for the mk1 and mk2 went to the 289 then in 67 chrysler stopped the company and would not produce them any more and closed the shop.
    The conversion has walked the stock tigers and out performs in the handling cause you can keep the better steering qualities of the alpine.
  6. Holy Get Smart. That's pretty cool
  7. Beautiful!!