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Sep 5, 2001
Polished Pipes:
@Mustang5L5 We talked about this a while back and I finally had the opportunity to get to a shop with a good welder & pipe bending machine so that they could be done right. The car is dirty and the lighting is terrible for pics, but whatever... at least you can see the angle.




Dreaded tick:
So, here's a tough one, guys... I'm getting a tick that sounds like it's coming from passenger side firewall or perhaps fender area. I've thought it's coming from the engine bay, but can't hear it outside of the car over the loud engine. So, it's possible that it's just maybe in the cabin. The tick is only under light load and typically between 1.5-2.5k RPM. It won't do it at startup and usually take a few minutes before it'll start. New clue: The newest and most confusing clue is that I can make this tick disappear for a minute or two just by toggling the key to off and back to run in the middle of a drive. I mean, I'll be on the highway going like 45-50 mph in 4th or 5th and it's ticking away. Then, I'll go key-off and back to key-on/run and after a brief hiccup from the car, the car is under power again and the tick is gone! But... it comes back in another minute or so. I think it comes back more quickly like this then when the car is cold.

To put it in perspective, the tick is so light that I actually thought it was a spark jumping from the plugs or wires, but addressing it with new plugs/wires/cap/rotor didn't cure it. So, I thought maybe it was an exhaust leak... rolled around under the car with it running and heard/felt/smelled/saw nothing. Started to think it was a lifter. But the new clue debunks that one, I think. I guess this could be some vacuum actuated thing or perhaps something is happening when the computer goes into closed loop.

This one is another real head scratcher, and I'd really appreciate some help on it. I may post a separate thread on this the next time I decided to really go after it.

Other Notes:
In addition to the pipes, I just put a replacement front bumper support in. Earlier in the thread, you'll find that I didn't have the brackets I needed to install it. I picked up the whole support with brackets on the marketplace for $80. The brackets alone were on ebay for $200. So, I was happy to come across this deal. It's one of those better to have and not need than need and not have kinda deals. Hopefully, I never use it, but if I do, maybe it'll keep my radiator and supports in better shape.

I may have mentioned this earlier, but as can be seen in the first pic, the quarter window trim cover from the last guy blew off on one of my high-speed jaunts and it looks like hell. I'll get to that eventually.


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Feb 18, 2001
What had to be modded for the tips to fit?

I plan on doing my exhaust in my garage. I have a welder if needed, it I was hoping to just slip it all together and clamp and call it a day.


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Oct 28, 2001
The Dynomax 2.5” SS tail pipes fit my Coupe perfectly with the MM panhard bar and torque arm. I did have to drop the rear end to get them installed in one piece. If they have to come back out they will be cut on the back side of the rear end up and over and get some kind of flange kit installed. I’m not dropping the rear end out/down again when there is an easier solution.

Not sure Dynomax makes them anymore but I have heard the Flowmaster units are really good as well and they are still made. I’m pretty sure Walker used to make them as well but I don’t see them in their catalog.

If you do not have the panhard bar a driveway install is a Sat afternoon and a couple cold drinks. A buddy helps to hold the tail pipe while you tighten up the clamps.


My dad had a bra
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Sep 5, 2001
Maybe I just do things the hard way. I like 'em welded up. On both sets, this car and Kandi's, that required adjustment to the positioning of the mufflers, one of which hung too low, removing the front hangars, and for some reason, slightly rotating the passenger side pipe counter clockwise a bit to get the tip oriented correctly. So, the pipe over the axle leans in towards the UCA and makes it a tight fit. Will take pics next time I'm under the car.


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May 19, 2021
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