New Headlights, Low Beams not working, Hi-Beams half working


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Jan 6, 2019
Vancouver, Washington
Just bought some new Headlights for my 2001 GT. Low beams refuse to come on. Hi-Beams cannot be toggled on, but I can Flash them. Blinkers also dont reset. Im not sure what the problem would be here... Looking for some good advice to start diagnosing this problem. I have replaced the interior switch for the headlights, to no avail. Im thinking i might to replace the blinker lever and possibly some wiring.

Any advice is welcome!
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Aug 14, 2009
Houston Texas
The most logical place for a failure that would create the reported symptoms is in the multi-function switch.

But before replacing it would be handy to run a few tests. Check for power into and out of fuse F2.4 and F2.10 with the head lights on. If there's NO POWER into both fuses the next spot upstream to test is multi-function switch #13 RD/BK wire.

Note, the multi-function switch can be rebuilt. Take TONS of pictures during dis-assembly.

Sometimes it's possible to restore function by exercising the hazard button.

An option is to get a replacement salvage yard unit and rebuild it. Then you are not risking your daily driver. Try for sample prices in your area.

1999-2004 MY fuse panel schedule:
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