New Heads, Don't Know Cam.

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by bigdavetalldave, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. I have a set of gt40p heads that need rockers, but I don't know what cam I have in my car. What ratio should I buy? Can't find a straight answer.
  2. should be safe with some 1.6's, only way to know for sure is to pull it out and check the markings or numbers on the cam itself
  3. Are the heads already on the car? Stock is 1.6, and thats what you will find most common in the aftermarket as well. You really need to know what cam you have so you can install appropriate springs and pressure. You should also check piston to valve clearance with new heads and your decided rocker. Really, 1.6's are a safe bet.

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  4. No, heads aren't. I had to pull the motor because the oil pump broke, and the engine started knocking. I decided it'd be a good time to put them on. I'd really like to just use the same cam, but if its smarter to just buy a new one, I could just buy a new one. I'd just rather not spend more money than I can afford.
  5. I'd figure I'd probably just go with 1.6's.
  6. How about b303 cam, and gt40p heads? Will 1.7 cause any ptv issues? Will 1.6 be fine with this combination?
  7. Nope your fine, you have alot of room with 1.7's and a b cam. You could still advance it +4.
  8. I run a tfs1 and 1.7 rockers with no issue. you will be fine.
  9. If engine is out, pull the cam and see if there are any markings on the ends.