NEW Hedman Elite headers, ceramic coated, 260 289 302 351W, #88308

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by reenmachine, Oct 22, 2006.

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  1. I have a set of Hedman Elite long tube headers to get rid of. They fit 260/289/302/351W, are ceramic coated and are completely new. They come with the gaskets, reducers, and all of the bolts for both the mounting flanges and the reducers. These are top-of-the-line headers. I test fit them on a GT40 302 with a T-5 in a '67 and they fit great. I had a clearance issue with the cable clutch I'm running, but there was tons of room for the factory clutch linkage if that's what you have (also great if you have an automatic).

    I trimmed a tiny bit off of one corner of one mounting flange to clear an oversized head bolt (see pic). This in no way affects the mounting or performance of the header and you can't even see it with the header on the car.

    The ceramic coating keeps underhood temps down and looks great. Unless you spill stuff all over them and burn it off they will look this nice for a long time.

    Like I said, they were in and out of the car one time without the car ever running.

    Email me if you have any questions.

    Summit sells these for $265.95, which is the cheapest I could find anywhere. I'll let them go for $250 + actual shipping.





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  2. how low did they hang under the frame rails. my 68 is lowered about 1.5 inches and i don't want something as beautiful as those to scrape.
  3. I didn't take a pic but they did hang down a bit. Nothing outrageous, but maybe a couple of inches. I remember noticing it, but not being bothered by it. Wish I could be of more help -- I think a lot of people run them so maybe if you post in tech someone can offer a better answer.

  4. Just wanted to chime in. Anyone looking for a set...these are nice. Easy fit on the sb...especially if running a c4. Reen is right, $265 is the cheapest. Just to let you know bad68coupe, I have mine on a '65 coupe that is not lowered. I have about 4-4.5" of clearance. You can see a pic in the talk section titled "Not a worthless thread anymore" to get an idea. Prob. back a couple pages. These things fit easy and look great.:nice:

  5. I have a set of these on my '70 fb. They do hang down but I've never scraped them on speed bumps or anything and I've lowered my front end 1".
    Definetely nice headers! Hope the pics help.
  6. Headers

    man, those are purdy... how much do you think it would cost to ship to 56401?
  7. I actually still have these around if anyone's interested. Make me a reasonable offer!
  8. Are these the ones for a 351 swap ,in a 65 . If so Pm me your lowest price. :D
  9. How much shipped to 91605?
  10. Looks like it would be about $20-$25, but you're only about an hour away. Want to come pick them up?
  11. Most of the shipping quotes people are asking for are turning out to be in the $40 neighborhood, so it'll only really make sense if you're nearby and can come pick them up. I'm in Ventura, CA -- right between L.A. and Santa Barbara.
  12. You think these will fit a 73 bronco with a 302? I'm in Santa Monica and will take them off you hands if they will.
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