New Here 76 Cobra Ii

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  1. Hey, sorry if this is in the wrong place, but i just picked up a 76 cobra II the other day. only thing wrong with it is that the previous owner put on a new starter and its just chewing the flywheel up. They said it was a really hard flywheel to find, and had i think 144 teeth. im not sure. i just pulled the engine and trans today but havent gotten a chance to crack it open just yet. Any ideas on where to get the flywheel and starter, or just what exactly is going on? i also need some random other parts for it if you could point me in that direction. And please dont tell me just to search the forum, ive looked around and im terrible at navigating in forums. thanks in advance
  2. Congratulations on joining the club! Which engine & transmission do you have?
  3. its the 302 and its a c3 or c4 im not sure which one it is, or how to tell them apart? i just pulled the motor sunday night and split the tranny from it tonight. i really dont have that much time to work on it. how do i know which tranmission it is?
  4. Since it's a 302 it would have the c4 behind it. I don't think there were any bells available to bolt the v8 to a c3 (that was usually used on the 2.3L 4-cylinder).

    It doesn't look too hard to find a flexplate for the automatic (double-check these listing as I didn't)."cagpspn=pla"&gclid=CMq648aC8LoCFcdAMgod1z4A_g II&hash=item3387af51fc&vxp=mtr

    Autozone carries the starter for about $50. RockAuto and a bunch of places online do too. It doesn't hurt to measure the snout-length and the throw of the bendix to make sure it's disengaged when not being cranked and fully engaged when being cranked.

    Mechanical parts for the II are largely still available at parts stores and are usually very inexpensive. When you get into interior or body parts that's where the fun begins. :) Let me know what random parts you need and maybe I can steer you in the right direction.
  5. i would like to get a new blue dashboard, and rear window louvers. just off the top of my head, ill have to make a list tonight if i can