New here...and I brought pics

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  1. Hey from NC, I thought I would jump in, introduce myself, and show you guys a few pics of my cars.
    First is my 67 S code 390 convt
    Next is my 98 "PI" headed weekend beauty.
    My 2300 coupe dd and rainy day race car.
    86 coupe project, as soon as I decide which direction I want to go with it.
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    I also part out sn95 mustangs as a side job/hobby so if you need 94-98 parts let me know.
  2. Welcome! Nice Stangs man. What part of NC? Clayton area here.

    You post on craigslist alot with the SN95's parting out, right? I constantly check craigslist lol
  3. I live in Kannapolis and work out of China Grove, and yes I am a craigslist addict, I go to the meetings but they dont help.
  4. Welcome to the forum!! Nice cars you have there!! :nice::nice:
  5. :welcome: to stangnet :nice:. Nice looking stangs. I'm from the pinehurst / southern pines, nc area.
  6. thanks for the welcome and comments
  7. Welcome!

    Nice collection of Stangs! :)
  8. Wow, nice rides! Welcome :)
  9. Hey Greensboro here. Parents live in Concord.
  10. thanks everyone