New Here But Not To Mustangs

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  1. Hi Mustang fans, my name is Sergio from Eastburg, PA. I'm new to the forum although not at all to 5.0 Mustangs. My first was an black 88 notch when I was 17, by 19 I'd driven a 94 red convertible with black on black, about 6 years ago I bought an old white 94 hardtop 5.0 and built it into a torque monster 5.8 car with a 95 Lightning motor, sold that at a huge loss of course to buy my Harley.
    So now at 37 with a beautiful wife and a 14 and 4 yr old boys, I've bought us one of my dream cars. 1991 Saleen number 043. No wasting money on this one except to bring it back to stock as much as possible. I also have a 69 convertible in sight if the finances allow... The mustang bug never dies!

    IMG_20130915_174350_697.jpg IMG_20130915_174350_697.jpg
  2. Here's one of my favorite things about this car

  3. Welcome aboard Sergio, fellow PA stanger here. Where,s Eastburg? Love the looks of your car. I'm always partial to white, I'm on my 4th white one!
  4. Welcome also from another PA stanger. I'm not a big fan of Saleens in general but she's a beauty. Good luck with it
  5. @Dan93fox, where you at n Bucks Co? I grew up in the Warminster area
  6. I live in Warrington. I also grew up in Warminster
  7. small world. Were close to same age as well. probably ran in to each other at the ole skating rink in Jamison back in the day LOL
  8. A definite possibility. I spent more than a few Friday nights there. That's where the girls were
  9. damn straight! You remember the guy nicknamed the Dancing bear? Older guy always showing off his mad skating skills LOL
  10. No. He may have been after my time.
  11. East Stroudsburg is Pocono country almost two hours from you guys, 3 miles from Jersey. I'm actually a NJ guy, Newark area before moving here almost 15 years ago.

    Thanks for the compliments, it needs a few details to perfect it. My next step is to dip the wheels to bring back the polished lip and white spokes, also amber parking lights a must. The car has been on the forum a few years back with its previous two owners (Rob and Jose) from SoCal.

    Saleen has always been a dream of mine but I love any coupe and convertible lx(fox) , gt only with a Saleen wing for some reason. I just like the idea of the somewhat rare and collectability of the Saleen cars.
  12. You still local?
  13. nah, moved to the sticks a number of years ago!