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Mar 14, 2018
Just picked up my 3rd ever owned mustang, 2nd fox, it's a 1993 gt hatch 5spd, been doing some maintenance work to it to bring it up to par. I changed out the interior, oil, front and rear brakes as of now so I can get it inspected. Got a few more parts around I'm gonna be putting on in the coming weeks, full length bbk sfcs, shorty headers, off road h pipe, (looking for a cat back prefer 1chamber mufflers), a 3 row radiator, all new weather stripping. Prob a few other parts laying around that need to be put in, but i got this as a project for me and my 2 sons, they are 6 and 4 and really into guns, hunting, fishing, dirtbikes atvs, our animals and of course cars they will get dirty with me and just wanna turn a wrench. So I teach them everything I know. As for the stang , I need a little body work and paint which can wait I'm focused on performance and just making it stop leaking oil haha , sorry for the long intro but just putting it out there, glad to be in the community again. My daily driver is a grand Cherokee altitude hemi black edition. That's all for now, I can post the before during and after pics of the interior install from LMR, with the corbeau seats. Let me know. Have a good day


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Nov 28, 2015
Welcome to Stangnet.

Nice mustang, need to get rid of that snow though.

Like JR said, look around the fox forums.