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  1. Hi guys, ... bob here

    I have been asked to help a friends son put a Mustang project together.
    86 4 cyl. [no eng./ trans in it currently].
    What is there to work with is a 351W eng and trans. from a 93 F-150. ??
    Holley Alum. heads and 800 cfm carb
    2004 GT rear end w/ disk brakes, [fits right in]
    2004 GT front spindles and brakes [fits w/ spacers]
    K member from 86 V-8 stang

    I don't know about the tranny, .... huge! :eek: RF-FOTP-7006-CA

    If this is a good one for 400+ HP, perf street ... then we can cut the tunnel and re-make as needed. But if this AOD is more $$ and trouble than say a C4, or C6 3 speed, ... I'd rather stop now on this tranny and do something else.

    Thanks! ... Bob
  2. Welcome, Bob! :)
  3. Welcome!
  4. Welcome Bob! Cant help answer any of your tranny questions, but I am sure if you surf the 5.0 tech forums you will find the answers you are looking for.