New here..just got a 2002 V6

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  1. Just wanted to say hello to other Pony owners here at StangNet.
    I know it ain't much but hopefully it will be a fun car.

    Are there any peculiarities I should know about?

  2. :nice:

    Cool, welcome to Stangnet! Have fun and ask questions.

    is it an auto or stick?
  3. The car likes Metallica, it goes faster, or maybe that's just me. And if you're an aggresive driver with stock Goodyears below 50°F, prepare to spin tires. But still fun.
  4. Welcome to stangnet!

  5. Well it is a 5 speed.

    As for pics....Well I picked it up Monday night (actually my son drove it home). I take the bus to work so I haven't driven it yet. I leave in the morning in the dark and come home in the dark so I haven't seen it in the daylight (in my possession) yet. So pics......:rlaugh: do I post pics?:shrug:

    I'd need step by step instructions.
  6. Well for posting pics. Take the picture on your digital camera, load it onto your computer and save it into "my pictures". Then goto and create a profile (it's free) and load them from the "my pictures" file on your computer to there. Then copy the image tag (looks like this [​IMG]
  7. Welcome. Good choice on your car. and I agree fully with TMX about spining the TIRE (singular not plural) is indeed fun.
  8. I have gotten both to spin, but by far the right spins more.
  9. You gotta T-:lock: it. :banana: :banana:
  10. Oh I will be getting a posi next year with some 3.73 gears. But now I got alot of modding to do to catch up to my friend's SC400 with a DOHC V8, but I can still say I helped build his ram air induction so I still win =)
  11. First off welcome to :SNSign: . Secondly, there are many diff. ways to "improve" your Stang; forced induction, all motor, handling, all depends on how much $ you want to spend and how fast you want to go :D
  12. Its missing 2 Cylinders.:D
  13. Nah....this is my every day car.

    My 67 FB S-code has those two extra cylinders. And a tad more power.:rolleyes:
  14. no you don't
  15. :scratch: :shrug:
  16. my aunts stock 03 v6 5 spd spins two thru second... and burns third like a dream.. she is fifty so im sure it is stock.. and she bought it new... so... it actually depends on how the car is driven
  17. I have never heard of a stock v6 spinning both tires. The drive line only spins the passenger tire.
  18. Yup. 1-tire-fire baby:nice: They will spin the hell out of that one tire tho...

  19. and i would lie about what my aunts car does ... why?...