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  1. A BULLITT owner; I like the overall Mustang foremat here better than others---
    I know all about IMBOC. I hope to learn and contribute here with respect to all Mustang owners and will be interested to follow the progress and launch of the 08' BULLITT even though I have strong negative feelings about it, I will keep them to my self.
  2. What number Bullitt do you have? What is your user name on IMBOC?
  3. Hi Charles, My DHG BULLITT # is 0256 I purchased it Sept. 19, 2004 from a Mercedes dealership with only 1,801 miles for $19750.00 out the door it now has 2,800 mi. At the time I thought that price was fair concidering it was a dealer. Now years later I know a lot more about these cars thanks to IMBOC, but got into a disagreement with some there Re: my opinions about 08' BULLITT and where FORD is going with their products and marketing. My user name was bullistic, but havn't visited there since my last post which probably wasn't well received, so here I am! Ron
  4. 2800 Miles!:jaw:
    I'm new here too. My Bullitt has 83,xxx miles on it now. It had 60,xxx when I bought it about a year ago. LOL What exactly is your issue with the new Bullitt? You don't the new one to actually look like the real Bullitt? I rarely visit the IMBOC. Seemed like a bunch of old people that never really did anything with their Mustangs but talk about them.:shrug:
  5. Ah yes. Sorry to see you leave. I've sent you a PM. Regradless of my views I like to see differeing opinions as Droopy commented. Sometimes people just don't realize how their typed word will be taken since there can be a lack of context. Some members can be pretty blunt but I try to take it with a grain of salt and just try to see their point of view. I am very careful of how I word a post because of this. Actually that thread has gotten somewhat heated at times. That's can be ok as long as its kept civil and and opinions are respected whether in agreement or not.

    Keep enjoying the Bullitt. I may end up with an 08 down the road but nothing can replace the first one. Kind of like that first girlfriend. LOL!
  6. Saw your pics posted up today. very nice car. I think you'll find quite an age spread of the members there. We have a seventeen year old all of the way up to one member who is 66. Not sure if they are the oldest and youngest or not. Because the Bullitt is a special addition you will find many that are not going to mod their cars. I'm old by some standards (48) but I've made mods to my car that for the most part have kept the original intent of the car (imho). To each his own. Do what makes you happy. You would be surprised by how many my age (or older) are members that have blowers or other heavy mods.
  7. Bullitt 736 Yes I finally went back to IMBOC Re: 08 BULLITT, and read the post. I agree about posting content and how It's interpereted, and will learn from it. I will PM you later.
  8. neckbonekat; Yes 2,800 mi. sounds crazy, but iI bought It with such low mi. It's like a giant " HOT WHEEL" to me -LOL-. It's been recommended to me that I drive It like It was ment to be driven, but my driving record would suffer-LOL-. I have two other cars, one classic ( Not a Mustang ) and a driver to use. Regarding the 08' BULLITT, I wish not comment anymore about It I've been thru all that on IMBOC. We will just have to wait and see how It turns out as my opinions about It's reality, design, or content really doesn't matter. I guess I've done more talking about BULLITT's or related issues than doing on IMBO, and admit to being 50+, but choose to keep mine all stock not because I'm soo old -LOL-.
  9. I guess I'm back at IMBOC

    bullitt 736 I Sent you a PM on Imboc site. bulitdhg/bullistic

  10. Welcome, how old is old? I can't speak for everyone but I've been a IMBOC member since the spring of 2005, there are lots of owners that have been members since the begining and have lots of information. I enjoy upholding the Bullitt heritage by attending a dozen shows and cruises a year plus 2 or 3 Open Track events. I also attended the 2006 Nat's and had a great time :nice:

    The key is tastful mods without destroying the Bullitt!! Looks like the future of the 2001 will not be threaten since the 2008.5 is falling short on the features. It takes more the Green/Black paint and the Shelby/Ford Power pack to be a Bullitt :rlaugh:
  11. Bullitt2343- Yes +1 I have read posts on IMBOC re: 08.5 BULLITT, seems like as time goes by and info. becomes available more people have come forth with expressions of dissapointment about it. Some take a wait and see attitude. I stated I wouldn't comment anymore, but why not? I have gone on record as feeling I would not be impressed however It turns out, I guess a narrow minded stand, but what ever. The 01' being the first model and one can only make one good first impression, correct,?. FORD needed to realize that, and if they felt they really needed to do a remake, (which I don't agree with) they needed to step It up. There I'm done again! bulitdhg/bullistic

  12. Yep I would rather buy a Shelby GT then the new Bullitt, at least it has its own personality not really measured against the old Shelbys since that was so many years back. I was once real close to selling my Bullitt and buying one. But that all changed after driving our Roush a bit and then returning to the SN95 body and suspension. Now the only thing I would consider to replace the Bullitt is a 2002-2004 Stage 3 Roush.