1. hey everyone im new here just thought i would say hey. i been creeping on the site for awhile in the shadows reading up and what not. finally got the car to where im happy for now so i thought i would share a few pics. but i cant figure out how to upload them lol a lil help please
  2. Howdy from Texas. Put pics in a photobucket account then copy the img,share and paste it in the reply box and bingo
  3. Where are you at in Hagerstown? I'm in the same neck of the woods.
  4. Shoulda kept the chrome pony's...Either way, Welcome
  5. Wow pro pics bro. Sweet stang
  6. Chrome pony fan here too. Liked them better. Nice car though.
  7. Welcome! Awesome Stang. The paint job looks incredible!
  8. That paint is awesome. And nice burnout pic. Makes me wanna drive mine.

    To upload pics on here you can also hit "Upload a File" just beside the "Post Reply" button. Then you can sort through folders and files on your computer to select which picture you want to upload. Once it uploads you can hit "Full Image" to display it right in the thread. If you're on mobile, then IDK how to do it lol