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  1. I'm new here, not new to stangs, however new to ownership of one. Looking at picking up a 1967 gt. I've been doing the research myself a bit and I've learned a few things. One it is an automatic, and has only one exhaust tail pipe. It also has the fog lights with the swtich under the ignition, and has power disc brakes, and a "c" code. Its also a light shinny green with green interior with no center console, however shifter is on the floor. It also has gt hub caps, the smaller ones that I think were offered in 68. All that said its rusted, and needs a bit a love!! Really thinking about it and making it nice again... long time to do I know, but it would be one of the rare ones from what I'm reading up on.

    btw i did do a vin look up and this is what it came back as
    year: 1967
    plant: metuchen, nj
    body: 2dr hard top
    engine: 289 2v v8
    unit: 155934
    body: standard interior
    color: lime gold metalic
    trim: lt. ivy gold crinkle vinyl and gold crinkle vinyl standard interior
    D.S.O: richmond
    axle: 3.00:1 conventional
    trans: c-4 automatic

    thats the best I can do with out getting a marti report. I look forward to learning more and maybe picking this up!!
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