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Feb 27, 2021
Hi All,

I’m just getting back into the fox body mustangs. My first was an 88 GT in the late 90s. I then had an 89’ convertible GT in the early 2000s and an 88’ LX that I restored around 03’ and sold around 08’. In the mean time, I have had an 06’ GT that I sold a couple of years ago that still only had about 30k miles. It was a beautiful car, but just not quite the same.

At this point, the one fox body that has eluded me is a notchback which is what I am looking to find. They were popular back then, and it appears they are still that way now. I figure I will take my time until I find the right one, though I know the options are limited.

I’m looking forward to reliving the glory days!
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