Saleen new inlet/intake for Series II

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by RedS281GT, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Just wanted everyone know that i'm testing a new experimental intake for my Saleen. It's made by Tork Tech and the quality is amazing! I'll be taking it up to Dynospeed in Memphis for some testing in the next few weeks. Can't wait to see what numbers this thing produces! Enjoy the pics!

    00 GT vert
    Series II S/C
    BBK long tubes & o/r x-pipe, pro 5.0, 3:55's, TT inlet, cobra TB, 66mm pulley,
    90mm TB, Chicane intercooler, hand ported lower intake, SCT

    the new intake is on the bottom.
  2. Wow, the enthusiasm is overwhelming!!
  3. It's not for my year of car, but it looks to be a pretty nice piece!
    Looks like it should flow alot better than thta stocker Saleen unit!

  4. Thats how I feel every time I get on this section. :(

    Looks like a very nice piece. HPP makes similar elbows for Whipple and KB's.
  5. Sounds very interesting! I have a Series II myself with various modifications. I'd be interested in more info, with before/after numbers, price, etc... Thanks for posting! What kind of numbers are you putting down now with the Chicane Intercooler? I hope you keep the thread updated despite the lack of activity in this section.
  6. Too bad you didn't get the rest of the kit to go with it. The Tork Tech kits utilize an Eaton M112 compared to your Saleens M90.

    ....hardly seems worth the trouble IMO, but if you got it cheap and have some time on your hands, why not.
  7. Thanks for the compliments guys! I'll definitely keep this thread updated! To answer a few questions:
    Yeah, I was looking at the whole kit, but decided to see what the mp90 could really do if it had the right set up. With everything that i've put into the engine (chicane intercooler, ported intake, etc.) I didn't want to throw all that money away just to get a slightly bigger blower. Also, the kit would have demanded that I get a taller hood and money is a little tight right now.:( I could see getting the blower by itself in the future.
    Personally, i was never one to blame the lack of power on the blower. I always felt that the long intake runners, small inlet, and non cooled air were the biggest problems, but I could be wrong!:shrug:
    I don't have any numbers on the intercooler. Joe at Chicane said it would work with the Saleen flash, so I haven't had it to the dyno yet. He told me to expect about 6hp per pound of boost. To be honest, the flash has held up well to all the mods I have done thus far. I'll also be adding the 66mm pulley to the mix, so the numbers should be impressive! And i'll try to get some before and after results.
  8. nice

    unfortunately not for my car either, but it does look like a nice piece of work. be interesting to see how it does on the dyno, looks like it would definitely be better than the restrictive saleen piece. keep us informed.
  9. So what was the cost on that piece if you dont mind me asking? Ive been looking for something like that myself!
  10. yea i think charles from magnum powers desighned that kit i have the mp blower on my lightning and it rocks. You should pick up some power and i hope to run my mustang again this year and beat my 11.9 at 116mph number
  11. I ended up spending a little over $1,000 on everything. The inlet was 550, the single blade tb was 300 (btw best price on the market for a single blade) and standard prices for everything else.
    Disco, after it's all said and done, if I could run an 11.9 like you i'd be very happy. Good luck with your car!
  12. Finally got some pics of the install. Wow, what a huge difference! I'm sure i'll see more out of it when it get dyno tuned. Hope you enjoy!

  13. Man, I almost forgot about this thread. Looks great on there. That should take in some "huge" air. Now, lets just see how the little M90 handles it. Any bets on whether or not you'll pick up a pound or two of boost? ;)
  14. any updates? I love how the charger looks black! i might want to do the same to mine. Yours isn't a Saleen? looks sharp.

    member...rwhp numbers with the intercooler and the new intake, also with the 66mm pulley I am leaning towards your setup, and I would love to see the results and the total amount of boost after the intake and pulley.
  15. As for i do think it looks like a major improvement.
    $1000 seems like alot to invest in an m90 setup.
    I would of sold the saleen blower, then added the $1000 you spent to upgrade it and then just bought a vortech.
    It it were to be on a real saleen, keeping the factory blower i could understand, although me personally, i wouldn't.
  16. I kinda agree with yah, I have the 02 sc281 and I might do it just to keep the factory blower look and since the bottom end is a ticking time bomb why upgrade so high, However if your going to sell the M90 why not do it right and get turbo/s or KB2.6L... I have had S trims' for fox bodies, v1 and v2sq and I would much rather lean towards a Twin screw blower. However you should built a motor on the side and add whatever kind of power adder that you want, anything bigger on the stock internals is just a bomb waiting to go off.

    I would love results before and after, thanks for all the info and good luck.
  17. ordered this about a month ago but i made em polish it to match the work stiege did on the little huffer of mine. Can't wait to see this baby chromed out instead of the ****ty plastic inlet.

    Can you help me out on what you did for the throttle cable? Also any other tricks i should know on the install? My motors out of the car right now. Just threw on the chromed bbk valve cover, god i can't wait to see my engine bay finished. I am gonna need to wear shades to open my hood with all the $ i've wasted on polished parts... :)
  18. Sorry it took so long to respond. I don't have any updates as of yet. Money has been a little tight, although getting a tune during the summer is first on my list. Thanks for showing interest in my project, guys!

    To answer a few questions, yes $1,000 is a lot of money to spend on an mp90 setup. But the inlet was only $550. The S4 inlet from Saleen ran around $600 last time I checked, which is a joke, btw! I also got an amazing high quality single blade throttle body for $300! the rest was the MAF adapter, K&N, and an plastic inlet tube. The cobra guys are seeing a lot of gains with the single blade and the plastic tube so I thought it was worth it to try out.

    This was just the next step for me. I agree about the time bomb and I really didn't have the money to forge the bottom end just yet. All of the research done on the blower (Hoppy), and others, has shown that everything, but the blower, is the reason for limited power. The lower intake was the biggest problem, followed by the crappy intercooler, belt slip, and inlet restrictions. There have been a few that put the S4 inlet tube on and gained around 10-15 rwhp. definitely not worth $600, but I could be on that same boat. I just know that roots blower super sensitive to inlet restrictions and I definitely don't have those anymore!:lol:

    I really just want to be the first to use the blower to hit the 425-430 rwhp on the stock engine and no spray. Might get me in a mag if I can do it. And I love the way the blower looks, guess this why I haven't switched it out for something else. And who knows, after I forge it, this new inlet kit would be a perfect fit for a twin turbo/compound boost set up:jaw:

    Sorry for the long post. BTW: Thanks, but no, it not a real Saleen. It's not that f#@*in F-word either. Everything on the car is real and I installed it myself. I have some pics of it on the "post pics" thread. Didn't mean to vent.

    00 GT vert
    Series II S/C
    BBK long tubes & o/r x-pipe, pro 5.0, 3:55's, TT inlet, cobra TB, 66mm pulley,
    90mm TB, Chicane intercooler, hand ported lower intake, SCT
  19. Congrats on the buy! Sounds like an awesome setup! Makes me feel less crazy knowing that i'm not the only one.:D

    Yeah, just send me your e-mail and I can send you some of the fabrication I had to do to get it to fit. It would be another long post if I did it here.

    I had to get a cobra throttle cable and its a bit too long. I'm still looking at ways to take up some slack.

    00 GT vert
    Series II S/C
    BBK long tubes & o/r x-pipe, pro 5.0, 3:55's, TT inlet, cobra TB, 66mm pulley,
    90mm TB, Chicane intercooler, hand ported lower intake, SCT
  20. Oh, I wouldn't say that. How many mods can you think of other than nitrous that give you 10-15rwhp for $600 or less?