Saleen new inlet/intake for Series II

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  1. Putting cams in a 4.6 ohc engine is far from a cost effective way to get more power.
    The cams are expensive, and labor intensive, all for minimum power.
    If the engine was getting rebuilt, ya, they are probably worth the trouble, but with the engine in the car, tearing it down to a longblock would not be worth it.

    Basically, if someones goals are 425rwhp+, the saleen blower setup is not the way to go, nor is it finally wise to drop loads of money on parts to make it better.
    You can sell it, slap a kb or vortech on there, and easily exceed the numbers you can get with the saleen kit.
  2. Well the Anderson cams that I was looking at cost about $630.00 maybe like $200.00 for springs and retainers. My buddy at Ford house will charge me a 6 pack and a night to use the pool and have a cook out. I already have the 66mm pulley just not installed, I already have the headers just not installed. My buddy at Gearheads in Arlington TX or Manny at HPP can dyno the car with everything installed and we will see who spent more $ and for the most performance.

    See that is my thing, I am not going to spent $6k on the KB 2.6 if:
    1: I have to get ride of my hood
    2: I am still limited by the heat exchanger and intake on the blower
    3: pulley pulley pulleys

    I would much rather get a Turbo kit for about $3-4k intalled and dynoed. That is why it is very important as to WHO you know! More than WHAT you know....

    I can still keep the blower cams that I will have installed on the SOHC heads and being able to use them when I upgrade to the turbo kit wich will alow me to use the stock hood and would limit me less to RWHP/RWTQ. I will only install the headers idler and pulley and twin cobra pumps as I will need the fuel either way and the idler and pulley and headers can be sold again when I install the Turbo kit.
    Trick flow make a new intake that is SOMEWHAT like the Bullit and I wanted to go that route. Add the TT single blade tb and buy a built shortblock and I am done.

    See, my goal for the Saleen is 550rhwp-600rwhp from the turbo kit and a built short block. Give me a year or year and a half and I will be there.

  3. + with a turbo kit you relive crank stress and IT SOUNDS REALLY COOL WHILE SPOOLING UP AND THE BOV! lol
  4. Maybe for you if you are getting labor for free a turbo kit is 3-4 grand installed with a dyno run.
    For anyone that has to pay for it, you are looking at leat at 6 grand, and possibly up to 9k.

    Me personally i'd rather have an aftercooled vortech than most anything else. (on a 2 valve) on a 3v or 4v i'd rather have a whipple.
  5. My friend Lance has a turbo shop where he will fabricate the kit.
    My friend Robert works fot a Diesel company that he can get any turbo parts from the dealers dirt cheap (including Turbonetics)
    My friend Jason will do the labor at Ford house in Dallas.
    My friend Chris or Manny will tune it for a good deal.

    everything is just parts that I can find for a good price. That is why I am leaning towards it.
    I rather do a 2v cause I have never built one, I have had 2 built 4v and the cams will be more noticable on the 2v.

    I do like twin screw blowers but the fact remains that you COULD have slippage and Turbos just makes more power for the same amount of boost or less.

    I have experimented with ever poweradder and I must say Boost from a Turbo is something you do not forget.:nice:
  6. Did you do a compression test? vaccum leak test?
  7. I haven't had time to do a compression test, my last semester of grad school is 24/7 right now. I hope to get it done soon though. I did find some vaccum leaks which might explain the bumps in the upper rpm range. I thought we fixed it on the dyno, but it might be coming loose with all the pressure around 5500prm:shrug:

    I did have some time to do a little research: Here's what I found on!

    "When I had the stock Series IV setup, I did a series of 3 street runs from 1-3 gear and saw temps break into the 160-5° area (~80°F ambient). After changing to the Chicane cooler I recall the temps dropping to 130°F. I remember we got about a 35°F delta when we swapped the cooler out."

    "A few months ago I did some WOT street runs while data logging information on the stock Series IV SC kit, ambient air temp was ~80°F. The inlet air temperatures jumped into the mid-to-high 160's °F (I think 167/8°F was the hottest run) boost was ~8.5-psig @ 5800-6000-rpms."

    My temps were in the 150-160 range with the intercooler, heat soaked, and in 100 degree weather! I really believe that this is the reason I didn't break the 400rwhp mark! The vaccum leak hurt as well! But the intercooler was fighting a losing battle all day. Even with ice, the temps before the runs were at 130!!! I need to go back on a cold day in the winter and see what happens! I think I might need something to keep my temps down during the summer, i.e. smow performance or chiller killer:shrug:
  8. [​IMG]

    or a 35 shot of juice... ;) Thats what i believe I will be doing.

    I can't wait to get myne on the dyno. It took out a 14 psi turbo grand prix gtp to over a buck thirty and when we were logging it says its 20+% too rich (base tune). This was on a predator mind you and no wideband but when it's dialed in i think 400 shouldn't be a problem. only problem is there are no dyno tuners close to here, and i don't have a license for another 37 days.

    Im also getting belt slip like a mofo, the mosaleen idler will be ordered before its dynoed. Still Im hittin like 12-13 psi (on the 03 cobra cluster) @ 6grand. And talk about loud, the port makes these things sound NUTS.:D

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  9. So where can we buy this intake it looks really good!
  10. Tork Tech Inc.
  11. Thanks but i dont see it on there, just a photo no product. Do you have a direct link?
  12. You really need to read this thread from the beginning. ;)

    The intake isn't advertised for sale alone, but from what I understand they're willing to sell it on it's own for Saleen guys that want to upgrade their current, restrictive inlet system. Try contacting them directly, or PM the original thread starter to see what it's going for.
  13. what to do? what to do?! I still think that the inlet kit (intake,TB,MAF,ADAPTER and K&N) would be worth it as my car is a real sc281! but I want to be forsure in the 400's! maybe I can guarantee it with the bigger heat exchanger and the cams!? and buy the intercooler... I already have the 66mm pulley, I am getting the gears (either 3:55's or 3:73's) this thursday... alumminum driveshaft... and FRPP ceramic headers, tuned with a predator.

    What do yah think? the Inlet kit + 66mm (mosaleen idler) + Chicane intercooler + Cams + Bigger heat exchanger= 400rwhp?!

    I will also be taking off the Borla mufflers and putting the Borla stingers on it. Should help for 1rwhp! lol...
  14. Why not add an electric water pump to your engine. Said to be good for 15rwhp alone. :shrug:
  15. JDM Engineering is testing the TTI setup on the 12th of August and doing a re-tune on the car, since the airflow has increased drastically.

    Chris at JDM is running the project.
  16. on RedS281GT car? I really wanted a goal of 400-440rwhp with the eaton M90... if I can guarantee those numbers from the TTI intake setup, intercooler and cams I would jump on it.

    If not... then I would not invest on any parts for the motor and just start saving for a turbo kit.

    I love all the insite and everyone's opinion on here... I really wanted to keep the M90 as its a real Saleen. Hopefully, if a new entire retune and enough fuel for the air is in RedS281GT's car at the retune... It should get alot better numbers.

    Remeber to cool it before dynoing. Good luck bro.:nice::SNSign:
  17. I think you're pushing your luck a little with your estimates....especially with the torque values.
  18. I'd say that's a bit of stretch, the water pump on a modular engine turns very easily, and IMO, there is no way it takes 15 hp to turn it.
  19. Wait, is his m90 stock? or are you saying he upgraded his mp90 internals with the Tork Tech m112? Is that even possible? Second he had the stock saleen intake tube! So it sounds like a better alternative to spend the money on Cams and the Tork Tech M112 internals. How much does Tork Tech sell it for?