Saleen new inlet/intake for Series II

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  1. To clarify...that Saleen had a ported M90, ported by Magnum Powers. The blower and the intake tube. He also had cams and ported heads, tuning.
    He then pulled the M90 kit off, except for the front mount heat exchanger, intercooler reservoir and inter cooler pump.
    He then installed the TTI M112 kit (manifold, blower, injectors, CAI etc. and his gain was another 100 HP at 12 pounds of boost.

    He figures 10.50's.
  2. OOOO I see what he did. Wow so the 400hp is really good then for that m90! How much is it to port the blower and the intake tube?
  3. You would be better off buying the new TTI intake tabe, and just porting the blower. You would probably see better results since the OEM Saleen inlet is so small.
  4. Ok sounds good. Ill be saving up some money and ill be purchasing some of these products in the upcoming months so hopefully its for sale by then.
  5. Sure...turns easy by hand when the belt is off and the engine isn't running....but see what it's like at 6,000RPM under full load. I've actually seen claims as high as 17.1RWHP with a Meizer unit.

    High Flow Meizer Electric Water Pump System
  6. that is sick!!! but what compression is his short block? and what are the heads flowing?

    I noticed he didnt even have a mosaleen idler... he is probably having some slippage, and i think he probably raised the compression on the short block. I love the rwtq #'s. and he still has room for the TTI setup.
    Nice find.:nice:

    give me hope.
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  12. is the Tork Teck MP1900 the equivalent of the 2.6h KB? and will it fit under the stock saleen hood?
  13. I'm guessing that comparing them head to head, the 2.6H will probably slightly outperform the MP1900....but that's not to say it’s because the Kenne Bell has designed a vastly superior blower....quite the opposite actually. In this case (and in most cases when Kenne Bell compares their units to the competition) it comes down to sheer size. The MP1900 is a good bit smaller than the 2.6H displacement wise (1.9L vs. 2.6L) and as such isn’t capable of moving the same volume of air into the engine. That being said, testing of Eaton TVS (Twin Vortices Series) has shown that their efficiency levels surpass that of the famed "Twin Screw" design, so it would stand to reason if the two were of the same displacement, the TVS would be the clear victor in the match up.

    Regardless, the MP1900 is still more than 600hp capable and at $999 for the MP1900 upgrade, it certainly seems like more bang for the buck compared to the $1,999 upgrade for the 2.6H (not including the cost of additional supporting components). Besides, if you really must have a more capable unit, the TVS also comes in an MP2300 configuration. Although you might want to check with TT for its compatibility with their kit?

    Check this link out if you want a little bit better insight as to what the TVS Eaton’s offer as far as design and performance!

    MySpaceTV Videos: - Eaton Superchargers at SEMA 2007 by StangTV

    As for hood clearance....I can't seen the MP1900 being any larger physically than the M112 that comes standard in the kit. So if the M112 will clear, I'm sure the MP1900 will as well? It couldn't hurt for you to contact Tork Tech directly to find out for certain though? :shrug:
  14. Wow eaton has come a long way, do you think its possible to stick two of those new 4 lobe roters into our eaton m90's to pull the heat down and get more power? Are the 4 lobes even available yet? That would be a sweet upgrade if it works!

    TorkTeck should make a bracket that allows us saleen supercharger owners to swap our m90's with a m112! maybe we could start up a group buy to get them interested? Anyone think it possible? Or does it already fit lol?
  15. I think you might be out of luck on the rotor swap idea. There's more to the TVS units than just different rotors. The case is most certainly altered to increase its rigidity, the inlet/outlet design will be have changed somewhat as well, to accommodate the needed alterations in case timing work with the 4-lobe rotor design.

    As far as basketry goes.....I suppose anything is possible and making some type of adaptor plate to bolt the M112 to the stock Saleen lower manifold is doable, but keep in mind your current Saleen kit utilizes a standard nose drive length that allows the M90 to work with the stock accessory system. The TT kit utilizes a longer nose drive in order to work with a secondary "piggy back" style blower drive system. The problem you run into there is the inability to make the required amount airflow with the limitations of the stock crankshaft balancer pulley diameter. The 4.6L timing cover tends to get in the way when you use a lower pulley much larger than 7.25” (which will have to be made custom and is quite expensive). This is again why the Cobra and Lightning’s utilizes a secondary pulley and drive provide the addition of a larger crank pulley combination that will increase blower speed to desired levels. Without it, you'll probably be limited to about 8psi with the stock crank balancer, which really won't put you any further ahead than you were before with the M90.

    To top it off, you're still working with the far more restrictive Saleen lower intake. You can throw as much air as you'd like at it, but if you're still not doing anything to free airflow up below the blower itself and get it into the heads you'll find it’s a lot like trying to ice skate uphill. The end result will probably show a few more PSI on your boost gauge, but all that really mean is that you're backing the majority up within the intake manifold itself and as a result probably only creating excess heat as the byproduct. Somewhat counterproductive if you ask me? :shrug:

    If you're trying to cut costs, your best bet would be to pony up the cash for the "supercharger-less kit" that TT sells and pick yourself up a used M112 on Ebay that someone had on their Cobra. At least that way you know you're actually able to move the kind of airflow you want out of an M112 and that it’s actually doing something more than stacking up within the manifold. Just keep in mind, this isn’t the same Magnum Powers 112 unit that Tork Tech utilizes on their complete kit and the end results will show as much.
  16. ok... I just had a brain fart!

    So 1. How much is the S/C less kit? and 2. if the S/C less kit allows you to install a 03-04 cobra s/c on the 2v, that means that we can install a KB/WHIPPLE for the 03-04!

  17. Yeah they need to remake the m90 with the new rotors i bet it would push the saleens up to 400hp and i bet there would be a big market for those head units as well.
  18. I am really thinking about buying the Tork Teck setup... but is the Magnuson M112 the Eaton TVS blower? or just the M1900? and is the m112 from the cobras a 3 love at 60 degrees or what is the specs on that blower?