Saleen new inlet/intake for Series II

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  1. Did I promise to post JDM's numbers a while back with the new inlet tube? Chris followed through today. 365 x 401 torque. Rear wheel. I will post a picture since the torque curve is impressive. At 2100 RPM is was already at 375 ft/lbs of torque, so it is moving a lot more air. I hope this is not a duplication.
  2. Chris is the guy that started the thread... the one that has the TT inlet and the m90 right!?

    Those are good numbers.:nice:
  3. I have a series one and i contacted tork tech and they said it wouldnt work with it because the inlet is different.. Did all series ones come like this or is it possible mine is like the series two? I dont want to take off the supercharger to look way to much trouble, just wondering if anyone has a picture or knows about it. If its different tork tech should make either an adapter or one that fits the series one as well! because i would love to have one!
  4. No. Chris works for JDM where a car went for tuning. But it is an M90 with the new TTI inlet.


    The inlet has to be a 6 bolt. I have a picture of it somewhere that I can post. If they made an adapter what would the market be?
  5. Think they could get a mail order tune based off that car close? I live in bum**** egypt, but have basically the same setup.

    Stiege Port, TT Inlet, BBK 03 cobra Cold Air, 42's, Lightning MAF, KB BAP, I've got a base from Mod Depot and it's richer than bill gates. Makes around 11 psi at 5800, it's 66mm or smaller pulley.
  6. Any way you could do some data logging? Do you have SCT or Diablo? E-mail the data log to MD and they can e-mail back a much closer tune.
  7. I have the SCT Xcal2, but for some reason my computer with vista doesn't want to make a file for it. That and i'm a n00b to datalogging and may not be doing it right. Im hoping it'll make decent power once it's tuned with the port and the tt inlet, etc. I'd be jussst fine with anywhere near 400 trq.
  8. You'll need some sort of wide band set up to work in conjunction with your XCal2 to datalog the A/F ratio. Look into one of the Innovate Motorsports LM-1/LC-1 systems. I've got the LC-1 and it works great. Just make sure you wire it up properly, or it can be a bit of a hassel. The LM-1 might be the better unit for the beginner. A little more costly, but it's much easier to use.

  9. What JDM airkit did they use on that? Did they adapt an 05+ S197 airkit for the application or something? Or did they use an airkit made for the terminator cobras? JDM doesn't really do much with the new edge body style.....(i've spoken with them a couple times about modding my car)
  10. No. The kit comes with a 1300 CFM throttle body (single blade) new throttle cable and bracket, cold air intake tube and filter and a cruise cable extension bracket. You can ad a MAF and adapter if needed.

  11. Oh...ok. The dyno sheet says "jdm air kit." If I went with this....I wouldn't be upgrading to the M112 supercharger...just reusing the eaton M90. I'm still looking for more info as to what people have picked up with this gain while reusing the stock M90. There's really not much out there...

    I spoke with JDM and they didn't do an initial they can't completely compare. They just estimated that the person picked up about 35rwhp.

    Does the boost drop because of efficiencies gained in this setup?

    Last question....does the 90mm MAF fit directly onto it or do you need to buy an adapter?
  12. Unless one opened things up on the exhaust end, manifold pressure (boost) should actually increase a little.
  13. That's where I'm confused.....because the dyno graph supports what you're saying. Around 5k RPM you see he's pushing closer to 12lbs of boost.

    I would have thought that clearing the restriction of airflow should drop the boost pressure because the air can flow freely.
  14. Yes and no. You’re clearing restriction on the inlet side, without opening things up on the outlet end, which is what’s causing the jump in manifold pressure. A quick rule of thumb is as follows.....removing restriction on the inlet (intake) side increases airflow and as a result boost pressure, while removing restrictions on the outlet (exhaust) side will lower boost pressure. Changes will also be seen when altering cam profiles (overlap, LSA, etc) but the principal is still the same.

    That being said, anytime you’re able to make more power, with less or the same boost pressure as you were seeing before the alteration you've made, you’ve essentially increased the overall breathing capability, and thus the over all "efficiency" of the engine.
  15. Just as a follow up to this thread....I am trying out a portion of the tork tech kit.

    I bought the entire intake side from the plenum all the way down to the filter and will be linking it up to my stock series II (eaton M90) supercharger. I also purchased the chicane intercooler and some 42lb injectors. I'm using the stock saleen manifold.

    Hoping for around 390rwhp (including my other mods). I'll post up when everything is finished being installed (It's currently at the shop).

    I will say, though, that there have been a few hangups with the installation so far. If you have a stock S/C'd saleen like I do there are a couple of problems. You have to order a stock EGR kit from a GT in order to use their EGR adapter. The EGR for the saleen is in a different place than on a GT.

    Also...the stock location of the heater hose in the saleen is a problem because it interferes with the intake plenum. The heater hose will have to be modified.

    As a plus.....I'm not a paid spokesman so I'll give you an unbiased review and honest dyno numbers!
  16. ARE You serious! Thats a total waste of money. I cant believe you did that. The Saleen supercharger is junk and i learned that the hard way. I actually sold my unit on ebay for $2200 and bought a vortech v2 for $1800 I not only got a better supercharger capable of more power, but it IAT's are extremely low its unbelievable. Mine is intercooled to. You just spent about 2k on all those parts, The tork tech pipes cost like $1000 and the intercooler is 800 plus if you do install. You could have saved 2k and sold the unit, and bought another. Or sold it and bought Tork techs complete kit for $3700 and you would definitely be over 400hp. You wont reach that on that small saleen blower because the crappy intake manifold design. Your money would have better been spent on Cams and Heads, because you could have reached 400hp with those two and that blower, ive seen it done. Thats a far better way to spend that type of money. The object is to not try and max the blower more, but find a better way for that engine to breath and accept more. Cams and heads would have been my first choice. Or if you didn't want to spend any cash, sell it then buy a used vortech and it'll get you 400hp easily.

    I once thought about doing what you were, but after tons of people one here suggesting many other things, i realized they were right and money was better spent elsewhere.
  17. Haha...thanks for the enthusiasm!

    Points to consider:

    1. In order to get the full tork tech kit to fit on my car I would have to buy a new hood because of clearance issues. It won't fit with a saleen supercharger hood and I happen to like the looks of the stock hood.

    2. I don't have any interest in a centrifugal supercharger. I don't go to the track and I could care less about high end horsepower. I like down-low torque.

    3. I have modest goals for my car and they look doable without having to take everything out and sell it on ebay just to spend even more on a full kit to get the same HP. I priced it out. Also, see #1.

    4. The tork tech kit I do have is already running into a couple of problems because things in the engine bay are configured differently on a supercharged saleen than on a mustang GT. I can only imagine the nightmare trying to install the full tork tech kit when we haven't even STARTED to put the manifold back in on my build and have already found two problems.

    5. I'm not forging my 2v engine in the future. 400rwhp is the max for me.

    6. If I had a series I like you did then I would completely agree that it's not worth salvaging. Those things don't put out any power and are severely limited because of the design. Series II superchargers are a different story. By no means is it the best supercharger......but isn't bad either.

    You can be the first in line to congratulate me when I kept the stock S/C and got the power I wanted or the first in line to laugh when my engine blows up.
  18. Still waiting to get myne to a dyno to get the finished tune.... Im on a stiege ported eaton with a modestly ported manifold, home job intercooler fix, tork tech inlet/tbody and bbk 03 cobra cai, 42lb injectors, 90mm maf, kb bap, full exhaust, upgraded heat exchanger... Hoping for 380+, and ill be happy as ****. My cars a vert and is mainly a looker, but my procharged setup @ 360 horse was damn fun, and had none of the low end like the heaton... Will update once the 4 feet of snow melt and i make it to a dyno for numbers! If i don't like what I see next step is blower cams and possibly Trickflows new heads...
  19. Final numbers:

    387rwhp / 394rwtq

    Gains all across the power band.

    PS- That's with a conservative tune. 14 degrees of timing. Throttle response alone makes it wicked. Much better than the Accufab 75mm TB I had on before.
  20. HAHA i see you added my quote to your signature lol.

    We'll those are good gains congrats. Still not worth the money to hp ratio though.

    How much did it cost you total to get those numbers? was that on a dynojet or mustang dyno. Post the dyno sheet.