Saleen new inlet/intake for Series II

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  1. Those are 2.1L Kenne Bell'esqe assuming he doesn't have the kind of money into his kit that he would have spent on a new intercooled 2.1L KB, I'd say he's no further behind than anyone who bought one of those? :shrug:
  2. Except the kenne bell 2.1 has huge upgrade features. It can handle 500hp where as his saleen unit cant. He has pretty much maxed that unit out 99% but if he's happy with it then thats good.

    I on the other hand, decided not to go that route and im so happy i that i didnt. I was about to put 3k in upgrades in that saleen unit as well, and instead i sold it. Got 2k. Bought a vortech for 1.8k Then rebuilt my engine for 6k. So all in all i not only have 500hp and a new engine but it only costed me an extra 2.8k over my budget and i must say it was well worth it. I could have saved 2k by not getting my heads ported and cams, valve springs, head bolts installed. then it would have only cost me 800 over my budget.

    We'll anyways we all learn from experiences. I have learned before that its better to do it right the first time, it saves a ton of money and you will always be happy.

    If those are dynojet numbers then he is actually behind a kenne bell. If there mustang dyno numbers, then he's doing pretty good. I dont go buy dyno jet numbers because its not real world numbers. I like dynojet because it account for air resistance. Its physics and its apart of the real world. Dynojet is like driving your car down a hill.
  3. Your average Kenne Bell 2.1L will put out 360-375rwhp (automatic) and 375-390rwhp (5-speed) on a Dynojet and slightly less than that on a Mustang Dyno. I've yet to actually see one put out the 405rwhp claimed (and that figure were actually from an old 1.7L, not the 2.1L) by Kenne Bell. Kenne Bell adds a ton of timing and race fuel during their dyno testing, which is why they're able to advertise such great numbers, but in any real world situation you wouldn't make near that amount of least not without breaking something.

    The 2.1L still does have the greater potential, I will agree with that. And its a quality blower....I just thought we should clear the air on their realistic average power capabilities.
  4. This is a very good point and why you can't necessarily compare results with what I have.

    My timing was 14 degrees which is the stock saleen timing. That's a VERY important difference. I went conservative on purpose because I'm on stock internals. If I want a paper to read 400....then I'd increase the timing (or tune it for race gas) and go more aggressive. I'd rather keep my car safe and have peace of mind when I floor it.

    The tech drove it 35 minutes to the dyno....strapped it down and then fired it up (no cooldown). We did it this way in order to compare results with the last time I had a tune. Why did we do it this way? Because we wanted to compare it to how it was done last time on the same dyno.

    There were no tricks on my dyno runs. No race gas, no nitrous shot, no packing ice or letting it cool overnight on a dyno to inflate the numbers. Just increased the tune for added air and still left the timing at stock (14 degrees). The air temperature and humidity were almost exactly identical. Whenever you see people add an intercooler or a tork tech intake or a CAI.....shops typically increase the timing which increases the gains. I left HP and torque on the table in the interest of extreme caution.

    It's pointless to compare a dyno sheet against someone else's because dyno sheets are very easily manipulated......but here you go. Have at it!

    PS-potential HP of 500 with a KB system are a moot point for me. Like I said....I was looking for 390 on a safe tune and I have no intention of forging in the future.

    PSS- The throttle response with the single blade oval throttle body is like night and day. I really can't describe how much quicker my car feels...even compared to my old accufab 75mm.


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  5. We'll that all depends on the dyno they use and the tune they use. I have seen some kenne bells on a non kenne bell tune reach 400hp but then again thats on a dynojet. dynojet's read 12-15% higher on the numbers then a mustang dyno. A mustang dyno puts resistance on the wheels so its the real world hp you would see on the road. I'm all for both of those dynos, but i wouldn't get a tune on a dynojet, the tune would be more accurate and safe on a mustang dyno because your accounting for real world physics. Now mustang dyno's arn't perfect and are no way exactly like real world conditions but are very close.

    I wasn't really comparing average power. It was more about max potential of the blower. Everyone starts out wanting 330, 350 hp then 400hp. Then later on its 500, 600, and so on. It happens and everyone says they will be fine at 400 but they will get used to it, then want more. I went through this as well. I never planned on rebuilding my engine but the option came up, and i already had 100k on the odometer so i figured it was a better investment over upgrading a saleen unit.

    I'm not saying those gains suck or your car is slow. I'm just saying there was other routes you could have taken and ended up with more hp. If anything you can get maybe 400hp from that thing on a dynojet, but you wont ever see that on a mustang dyno. You'll blow the engine at that point.

    Trust me that if you own that car long enough, and the engine decides it wants to head out and you replace it with a forged engine (because its only a little more than stock) then you will regret putting all that money into the saleen unit, and wished it had the upgrade capability of the kenne bell.

    Just drive safe and remember that as long as your happy that's all that matters. I hope you dont have many miles on your car, if so and your car starts to feel slow i would take it to be checked out.

    I had 90k on the odometer when i slapped on my saleen unit. When i got it rebuilt, i found out that the cams jumped 5 degrees, and the timing tentioners were worn down and my engine was about to blow. I thought that i was just getting used to the power because thats what everyone was telling me, but actually my car was getting slower, which is why i wanted 500hp because i thought i was used to it lol. So just keep an eye out, and listen for any issues, check fluids and so on and you should be ok.
  6. Hi' I been looking at the tti post ,and got hooked on this setup,I got a tt inlet in to day, and waiting to install it. I been looking at the dyno numbers that the tt inlet kit was install on, something got to be worng. I got 354rwhp 387rwtq on S/C 424rwhp 449rwtq on 35 shot .I have no cams stock heads, and I have a 66mm pulley, heat exchanger, and inter cooler,And i have not install the tt inlet yet.I'am hoping to see above the 400hp mark on just S/C. I order the inlet only for $499.00, and purchase a 03 cobra throttle body $100.00 on ebay and cobra 4.5 inch JLT cold air intake looks awesome.I will post the # when i install and get it dyno.

    Roush Stage 3 Body Kit,18 inch wheels 18x10 rear, 18x9 front, Roush side exhuast, flow masters, long tubes , x-pipe, Saleen series 2 S/C 35 shot nitrous, 3.90 gear, focus fuel pump, kenne bell boost-a-pump,66mm S/C pulley, 75mm idler pulley, large heat exchanger, inter-cooler,4000w kenwood system,
    Dyno by Tim at MPH Catersville Ga, 364rwhp 387rwtq, on my supercharger tune tune # 1 35 shot of nitrous, 449rwhp, 479rwtq.
  7. I see you decided to give up on the Tork Tech project?:shrug:
  8. Not necessarily give up, needed more is the right answer. I bought a forged longblock, ported heads, blower cams and a kb 2.2 that will fit on the saleen manifold. Going for 650 plus now... m90 won't cut it.
  9. Hi' has any one put the new tork tech inlet on with out taking the supercharger off, i tried but the far botton nut is hard to get off, and wordering how bad is going back on with the inlet being so big.
  10. putting it on without the blower off would be a nightmare. Spend the extra couple hours to take it off and save yourself alot of frustration! While it's off seal up your intercooler! Same effect as a chicane for 1/100 the price.
  11. tork tech series 2 inlet

    thanks for the reply you are so right it would have been a nightmare, there is no space to remove the old saleen inlet and not even talking about putting the tork tech on.I talk to jim at jdm engineering he told me to take the super charger off and just leave the intake on. It work out good easy install, didn't have to cut the firewall, but it was a tight fit. I got the car fired up this weekend no leaks so far, but i do have a problem with the car idle at 1500 rpm, car ran great before the install, I guess when i get it tuned, they can adjust the idle, other than that everything else is ok.

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  12. tork tech inlet dyno #"s

    I got my car dyno tuesday, 380rwhp 401rwtq i was hoping for 400+ at the rear , but after more mods no problem getting there.

    i got the car to idle down to 900rpm with the tune , dont have the nice exhaust tone it use to have at idling, but its very fast now
  13. Refresh my memory...where was the baseline before the mods? Or did we know?
  14. tork tech inlet

    my #'s before tork tech inlet upgrade was 352rwhp 382rwtq 28hp gain, most guys get 35 hp from this upgrade.I didnt use the tork tech single blade throttle boby that come with this kit,I used a cobra twin 65mm, I think if i had used the single blade throttle body, it would have gave me 7 hp more .I also think this is why i had the high idling once i install this upgrade i should have used the single blade throttle body, but it is on the way,My boost did go up i was surprise to see 15 psi on the supercharger. I think 400+ hp is easy to get with this inlet upgrade with ported intake ,heads and cams. :)
  15. Saw this on the belt size, thought I would let people now, (chicane 66 mm S/C pulley) on the 99 Saleens its a longer belt, stock 116.5 inch. mosaleen idler 115.5 inch., 2000 to 2002 Chicane 66 mm pulley Series I, II (112 inch. belt) I did get a 111.5 inch. on my Saleen 2000 Series I blower but had to put the belt on all pulleys except the smaller idler to the left of the alt. and used a big screw driver to pry it on.
    2003 - 2004 Saleen Series IV, V takes 112.5 inch. belt. 2.90 S/C pulley and 112 inch. for te 2.90 S/C pulley.
    Things are going well the mosaleen system now fits: 05-09 Roush, Steeda, Saleen S-281, Edlebrook S/C, Saleen S 331 and Harley Davidson Trucks.
    Thanks to all who support us.


  16. You say you used the cobra throttle body? Did you change your IAC (Idle Air Control) valve to the cobra version? Im almost positive the cobra iacs have no hose connection to the intake tube and get the air from a hole in the throttle body... This could be your idle problem.

    Also, with ported heads and cams, I'd hope you see about 450 at least depending on the selection.
  17. I got it to idle when tim tune and dyno the car, I took the cobra throttle body off, i had the cobra iac vac port on the throttle body block off so i could use it as a gt throttle body with my iac set up. I have change the cobra throttle and install a single blade throttle body. pick up about 15 hp put me at 395rwhp on supercharger. the car is really quick now on the throttle.