New JBA dual exhaust

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  1. What does everyone think of the JBA dual exhuast setup? Isn't 2.5" tubing too much for the v6? Is it just me or do the tips stick out too much? thanks for the input.
  2. 2.5" is what should be used for the amount of HP going out... it really just depends on what else you plan on doing. Unless you plan on REALLY opening up the exhaust.. headers, no cats, and maybe keeping mufflers, you dont want to go any smaller. But even thats iffy.

    I havent heard the dual JBA set up, but didnt care for the single. Ive also heard they hang lower so you dont have to arrange for the bumper cut out. I dont like that idea at all.

    Ive also heard there've been some shipping problems with things backordered and comming in weeks later.
  3. I like it and 2.5 is about right for a 4.0 if you looking at making power. Alot of the ranger guys with heavy mods go with 3 inch for the best power.

    I like the tips sticking further so you can see them but that could easily be changed.
  4. I've got the dual on order from

    It looks like the tips stick out about as much as GT-take off's, which isn't too bad... plus, they're chrome which is a bonus.

    Called JBA... they say they've got the duals stocked on the shelves ready to ship. I'm having my bumper cut... as indicated on their web site:

    JBA Dual Exit Exhaust p/n 50-2630 - Note: This kit designed to fit with a GT bumper or a V6 bumper trimmed for tip clearance.
  5. thanks guys. hamidlmt could you please keep us posted on how that goes.... sound, performance, fitment, etc thanks
  6. I'll post my thoughts and a sound clip after the install. I decided to go with JBA since I already have their headers. My installer noted how easily they went on... impressive fit and finish.
  7. I also didn't care much for the sound of the single JBA, but the duals may get a better sound.

    Let us know how it goes and I'll be looking forward to that sound clip.
  8. oh yah one more thing... what kind of piping is this system? wouldn't it be better to get x-pipes with these mufflers?
  9. X-pipe.. H-pipe.. Y-pipe.. its debatable -_-;
  10. my car was used by JBA for the testing of the single exhaust. i've had the system on my car for about a week now, and i think it sounds good. we all know that no matter what we do our cars will never sound like a v8. so the truth i think it sound just alright. not to crazy. ill try and get some sound clips if anyone is interested.