New KAASE SBF heads - best heads available?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by crazy1one, Oct 4, 2003.

  1. It's not always about the highest flow numbers. It more about average flow in your desired power band. A lot depends on your application and use.

    For the $1600+ of the Kaase, I buy AFRs and put $300 in my pocket.
  2. True but I don't think the AFR's will touch these heads unless your referring to the 225 and I don't even think they will but they might of course they are a lot more than $1600

    Did you read about how they revised the valve placement in the head? I can't wait to see what kind of numbers these heads put down.
  3. You're comparing apples and oranges. The AFR's that compete with these Kaase heads are the 225's which are MORE expensive AND smaller. The springs on the 225's are good to only .670 lift... the Kaase springs .750.

    For a guy like me building a pure drag 393, the Kaase heads look VERY pleasing... although they may actually be a little bit too large.
  4. I incorrectly assumed someone was looking at the Kaase as a street head.

    Too many times people jump on the "highest flow" wagon and don't think about the way they are building or using their engine. If it's got some big peak flow, they immediately think that must be the "best" head.

    Of course since I now realize you're talking race engines, I agree the Kaase is definitely worth looking at. Especially at that price.

    I also noted that although the Kaase website says "flow and dyno numbers are in", they have yet to post either.

    I'll be anxious to see those numbers too.
  5. I know the last thing you guys want to hear about is GM heads in comparison to this. I think you guys are really looking a gift horse in the mouth here though. A quick comparison of these heads to say a ported LS6 GM casting shows some very similar characteristics. That's pretty good since a 347 LS1 with those heads is making in the 500rwhp NA range now.

    The 247cc port volume looks big, but is it actually? The cross sectional area of the ports @ 2.74 sq in is not that big at all, I've seen some LS6 ported castings in that cross sectional area (237cc port volume) and flow about the same or less than the Kaase heads. As far as other Ford Windsor castings you probably have a awesome head in front of you here. Extrapolating on that cross sectional area of the 185AFR (2.55 sq in) and then looking what the corresponding 2.74 sq in cross section would be gets you to 195-205cc AFR's Now take those flow numbers from the Kaase heads and compare them to 205cc AFR's BIG difference there.

    As for price, I know you guys are used to cheap AFR's for bad ass heads, but in comarison to what else is out there on other engine makes and you have a dam good deal going. $620 per bare head is pretty impressive when a bare LS6 casting is about that. The bad thing is that the LS6 guys have to pay some bucks for some good porting to get them to flow what the Kaase heads flow out of the box. I just want to know what a quality head porter can do with a set of heads like this. It's going to put most ported Yates castings to shame but maybe not as good as a well ported Brodix Ford or Edelbrock Victor casting.

    As for me, I would run them on anything from a 347 stroker to a 408 Windsor.

  6. Oh and flow numbers.....

    AFR 205 AFR 225 Kaase

    .200 141 149 142
    .300 201 216 203
    .400 251 264 260
    .500 291 295 298
    .600 308 315 323
    .700 314 325 332

    Aver 251 260 259.7

    Now this is with AFR's listed numbers, which I've found to be high.

    Now when you realize that the cross sectional area of the Kaase heads is smaller than the 205cc AFR's you have one hell of a head here.

  7. somebody keep this thread going!

    Sounds like the Jegs heads are a little too much for a 351?
    Better for 408-427 strokers....?