New KID here..

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  1. hey guys im connor and im 15. i got a 2004 azure blue mach back in august. just thought id say hi and post up a few pics..



    and here's the stable she's kept in..
  2. Mach on, mate. Welcome to StangNet! :)
  3. Nice Mach!

    Welcome to StangNet. :nice:
  4. thanks guys.. i found yall through the "new shoes on the mach" thread and ive been looking for some new wheels myself. im really liking those ccw classics.. but they are waaaaay too much. but i really like those wheels that EPIC has on his mach. what are those again?
  5. Welcome to the boards!

    youre quite fortunate to have a mach at your age. please be responsible, stay safe, and keep the shiny side up! :nice:

    dont hesitate to pop into the 4.6 section :banana:
  6. Welcome to Stangnet Connor... :nice: Sweet looking Mach you got. Wish I had such a nice car at 15... Anyhow, the wheels I have on my Mach are regular ol' run of the mill 18X9" & 18X10" FR500 replicas in a silver finish. The wheels themselves are actually pretty cheap, but 18" tires can get pretty pricey...
  7. nice mach!! :)