1. Mach on, mate. Welcome to StangNet! :)
  2. Nice Mach!

    Welcome to StangNet. :nice:
  3. Welcome to the boards!

    youre quite fortunate to have a mach at your age. please be responsible, stay safe, and keep the shiny side up! :nice:

    dont hesitate to pop into the 4.6 section :banana:
  4. Welcome to Stangnet Connor... :nice: Sweet looking Mach you got. Wish I had such a nice car at 15... Anyhow, the wheels I have on my Mach are regular ol' run of the mill 18X9" & 18X10" FR500 replicas in a silver finish. The wheels themselves are actually pretty cheap, but 18" tires can get pretty pricey...
  5. nice mach!! :)