New Knight Rider

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  1. My expectations for the show are pretty low but I'm definitely going to check it out. I'd hoped the car would sound more aggressive.
  2. It's got a GT500KR in it. Who cares if it sucks
  3. Yeah and now Val Kilmore is doing KIT's cool is that?

    From the previews i've seen the story just might make sense. Something about resurrecting the family business or something. It would make sense that 20 years later they used a modern car from this era.
  4. I wouldn't want to run out and find a 1984 Trans Am in decent condition and then dump $20 million bucks into it.
  5. In the mid 80s the T/A made was a hot car in those days...not so much now. You've gotta stick with the times on stuff like this if you expect people to pay attention. I have no doubts that it would've been a T/A again if there was a new T/A to use. In fact i'm a little surprised it isn't a modded out GTO. Maybe the KR's hood had something to do with it where they put the lights at.
  6. The hood looks like it is off of a Dodge Ram and that spoiler is awful.
  7. :rlaugh: So would you dump $20 mil in a decent fox?

    In the 80's the T/A was a futuristic looking car, so yeah it made sense. Remember Team Knight Rider in the late 90's, they didnt use a T/A or any other GM they were all Fords and now its Shelby KR (Knight Rider). Hmm.
  8. Yeah i think you nailed it with the K-R thing...i didn't even realize that. I'd say that's definitely a part of why they used it.
  9. My thoughts exactly. Funny, I haven't heard one peep about the actor who is playing to lead. Or should I say, the actor that will be Kitt's "co-star".
  10. You mean ... it's not gonna be The Hoff? :eek: Screw it. I want no part of it if The Hoff ain't in it. :notnice:
  11. chuck norris > Hoff.

  12. Yeah, thats pretty much why I'm going to see it too.

    I never caught on the to KR thing. Thats pretty cool.
  13. its a stang...nuff gonna watch it.
  14. Im sure they used the Mustang because Ford put up he $ for it. Its all about product placement. Plus there is no T/A currently being produced and the Camaro and Challenger are still a few months to a year away.
  15. True ... although that didn't stop Michael Bay from giving the Camaro Concept a main feature spot in "Transformers," and that was last year. :)
  16. C'mon, how badass is this???


    I never knew why there is so much animosity towards the Gt-500?? Sure it costs $60K+ and weights 9000 pounds and is barely any faster than an 03/04 Cobra.....but if someone gave you one you would all take one in a second!!

    If i ever win the lotto and don't mind blowing $100K to get one. I would in a heartbeat. I could care less about it's actual performance numbers. I'd just feel like a badass driving the BEST Mustang ever made.

    BTW....David Hasselhoff makes a cameo to "hand over the reigns" of the family business to the new Knight Rider
  17. GM threw a lot of coin at the studio to use their models for most of the vehicles. Never mind that bumble bee was originally a Volkswagen beetle.
  18. Amazed me that a Saleen had a staring role in that film...but then i discovered that Saleen did the conversion on a Pontiac GTO to turn it into the new Camaro. In return, part of the deal was prob to include one oof their products in the film.

    Barricade was originally a F1 race car