New Knight Rider

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  1. Wicked! I would be all over a Black GT500 (especially a KR).

    Show's starting now. :popcorn: (west coast)
  2. Well, pretty faithful to the original (****ty acting)

    But its all about the car, which is badass.
  3. X1000

    I'm your huckleberry.....

    Just so you all know, we loved it and Hoff is in it! :hail2:

    :hail2 X3000
  4. I wanted to throw up when I saw it
  5. I managed to get 43 minutes into it, before changing the channel. The first 15, I saw teh car, lesbian's, and a 3 some. After that, it was all downhill.

    Wow. That chase was overwhelmingly retarded. Kitt can drive 600+ miles in 3 hours but it takes him 5 minutes to lose someone? :rolleyes:
  6. WTF is the point of having the non pursuit mode when you can change into looking like a base GT? Why not just roll around as the GT and then when it's time to throw down change into the GT500KR without all that stupid ricey crap on it?
  7. There were a LOT of things they should've done differently, but I dunno ... I still enjoyed it, for what it was (a made-for-TV movie). Pretty much got the feeling that it was mostly just a 2-hour-long Ford product showcase, as the only non-Ford vehicle I saw in the show was the GMC that the bad guys were driving (and it was promptly destroyed).

    Even so ... loved the new KITT (in spite of the double-decker riceboy spoiler), and so it was a treat getting to watch a Shelby tear arse around for half the entire movie. I give it a one thumbs-up review. :nice:

    Biggest disappointment: I honestly expected to see the Hoff jump into the older KITT and drive off at the end of the show, instead of just walking away. :notnice:
  8. +1 i was expecting to see the same thing.. Guess he had to catch up w/ his cheese burnger and budwieser. haha. jk hoff's the man

    The show was :nice:
  9. lol That's what I was thinking. "KITT can't shake a damn Ford Edge?" Nothing wrong with product placement but sheesh. lol I thought the second half of the show was a little better. Overall, it was about what I expected. Kumm3 pretty much summed it up.

  10. In the early scene where the bad guys were checking out KITT in the garage, you can see parts from the old KITT laying around. There was a trans am under a cover and various parts from it scattered around.

    I guess it was to say the new KITT was partially made from the old there is some connection.

    I agree though, it would have been nice to see the ole T/A make a cameo.
  11. I watched about the first 15mins of it. It was full of bad acting and as corny as the original. Turned it off and found something better to waste my time on.
  12. It was pretty corny but not to bad, I never watch tv cuz most shows are so bad on there, I was thinkin the same thing in the car chase wodnering why the hell suv was keepin up with 500
  13. i watched it will my old man...we liked it.
  14. It was a Ford commercial...thats all. I did of course enter the contest for the GT 500 give away.
  15. Anyone ever seen that movie featuring the new 2005 GTO when it was first coming out?
  16. Wasn't there a Knight Rider movie called "Kight Rider 2000" that had a pontiac Banshee in it??

    Was that lost in the Canon?


    Found it. Wasn't this the original Knight Industries Three Thousand?
  17. The Banshee was Knight 4000
  18. yeah, it was called "The Last Ride" not a bad flick considering it was like a USA original or something like that. Dennis Hopper has a soft spot for cheesy assed flicks.
  19. Thanks I never knew that name. I have been wanting to see it for the hell of it. Gonna head to the local blockbuster now.
  20. I enjoyed every minute of it. The car is amazing. AND you can actually hear the charger too.