1. WTF :doh: is this MY phone????:fuss:
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  1. Which color you looking for? If you are dark chooser, its in the bottom left of page to go dark.
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  2. ok thnx, let me check on this, one of the main reasons I'm only here is cause it's easy on the eyes.
  3. Pink?
  4. In bottom left area right below the text input box is the word Blue Moon 2014, choose Dark Moon 2014.
  5. This NOT the "Like" thread....lol
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  6. @madspeed goin' soft on us :p
  7. Black moon looks way better than the other on my phone IMO thnx :nice:Wheeew!!!
  8. Sink da pink
  9. New colors are great if you're a Seahawks fan like @84Ttop
  10. @madspeed You still seeing green in places?

    If so choose the AD Styler and click on Default.
  11. I'll admit i've had a few too many to make an impact, but this is what i see uploadfromtaptalk1398911712132.jpg
  12. yup thats what i had :eek:

    NEXT!!!! ...go hit the black moon bottom left.
  13. Ill have to find that green... its only in the small responsive (collapsible) design, the main color is blue. I'll find it, you can imagine my hunt and peck day Im having. :p
  14. When I zoom in on a pic, the lower right Green Page Up button gets big as well, blocks the pic on the right side. This is on my phone however.
  15. What are sliders circled in red supposed to do?

    When i click on them, it just takes me


  16. Theres a little drop down menu at the bottom of the screen next to the theme selector. It sllows you to change the color of that collapsible bar which is also the same color border in the reply window


  17. Yep, pink too