new License Plate.... Help

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  1. Well I'm getting my pony back maybe next month (going in the body shop) I want a custom plate thats good for the pony. Its going on a 1993 cobra.

    The car was my brothers car since it was new. Has most of you know he died in iraq serving in the army, back in 2003. So I want something for him and for the car? But I really don't know what to put on it.. I'm hoping you guys can help, you guys are good at making stuff up. thanks
  2. how about THNXBRO or BROS50
  3. Instead of BROS50 how about BROS5OH that would make alittle more sense.
  4. how many numbers/letters can u have on it there? we can only have 6 but some places are 7.

  5. we can do 7
  6. any more guys??
  7. PATRIOT--It has nothing to do w/ 5.0, but everything to do w/ your brother. We all owe him a lot.
  8. :nice: your bro is a hero:hail2:
  9. How bout his name?

  10. That one is cool, but I know people well think I like the football team... I know I don't care what other people think of the pony but I just want something people well think....

    By the way he name is MARK....
  11. Possibilty

    How about the BROS5OH with the addition of a license plate frame that says In Memory Of Mark OIF III with the yellow ribbons. Should be something that could be done fairly nice.
  12. COBROS1
  13. Marks50 or Malone or PvtMark
    my .02 cents
    i like patriot too tho