new look for my mustang

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  1. i wanted to share with you guys my new mods on the car :D





    things i did to the car:

    -new oem gt exhaust
    -oem gt grill and fog light
    -ealge eyes (more aggresive than angel eyes) they look brighter in real :p

    feel free to comment :nice:

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  2. Looks mean! :nice:
  3. Sweet, whered ya get the stuff? ebay?
  4. i bought the grill at the dealer and the fog lights at my job (i work in a subaru dealer so i still get the parts at the cost :D )

    and i bought the exhaust from a guy on another forum that just installed a new exhaust system on his '05 gt.
  5. What bout the wiring harness/switch, etc?
  6. i did the wiring myself and the switch also. it's not oem from the dealer but you can't see the switch. i put it in the center compartment so nobody see it :nice:
  7. thats awesome. I ordered my gt takeoffs, but only going to run the 1 side for now.
  8. why not run it off the gt switch like i did if you get the stuff cheap the switch only cost me 35 bucks
  9. Looks like a really nice GT, V6 Style! :nice:
  10. Looks great! Although, I can't really see anything in the last three pics. :shrug:
  11. I would like to see a more "Mustangish" wheel, but it looks great otherwise!
  12. Sweet, :D I saw that you can order the trunk lid GT Emblem and side emblems for 55 bucks.

  13. oh no! let the v6 bashing begin!

  14. We actually are embarassed by the GT's! They get smoked by everything! LOL!! We wouldnt dare put GT emblems on our cars.. We just think it was unfair not to get fog lights...

    We all saved alittle money going with the V6's.. A hell of alot on insurance.. You know for $600 bucks, we can drop in nitrous and run low12's.. LOL!!

    Thanks for the heads up, but you can keep your GT emblems.. Now if you find some GT500 or GT350 emblems, let us know..

    Now get outta here!! Damn kids!... Always beggin! :D
  15. Afixer, you should know you have to keep a pocket full of lollipops around here.. Every so often we have kids from the shelter which sneak over and toilet paper our cars... I normally offer them a lollipop I laced with xlax... Yeah that'll teach'em! :D
  16. I got some emblems from this place, here is a sample link:

    Only problem is, I havent been bold enough to drill holes in my fender. No 05 GT emblems for me though!!! I prefer the sleeper approach with my ride once I get juice or turbo's. Let a GT pull up to my 6 then! LOL.
  17. dont drill holes. cut out the alignment pins/studs and double side tape them on. then it is a reversable item.
  18. Cool, thanks for the tip. What I have is the running pony emblems and I want them on the fenders.
  19. Nice car Blkstang I like it!
  20. thanks for all your comments! :nice:

    but i won't put gt emblems on my v6. i love the look of the gt but i don't want to be a poser with those emblems :notnice:

    i'm trying to keep a clean look on my car