New m-6010-boss302 boss block

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by bp92gsr, Mar 14, 2010.

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  1. part number in title. never been to the machine shop. still new as would be from ford with screw in freeze plugs still bagged up. only reason for being out of packaging was for pics. offers welcome. they go for a little more than 1650 from summit. this one is untouched! cell 8502597031 or email me @ [email protected]

    4.125" bore capacity
    8.2" deck height, finished at 8.200" plus .010" to .015"
    Finished lifter bores
    Machined to accept factory roller lifter guides and lifter guide retainer
    Fits factory Mustang oil pan with custom oil pickup tube
    Revised oiling & cooling system passageways
    Siamese bore with drilled coolant crossover holes (except on M-6010302BB)
    Increased bulkhead material
    Threaded core & galley plugs (straight thread port plugs with O-ring)
    Requires 1/2" head bolts or studs
    Uses common OD cam bearings
    Unique cam plug included
    1400 takes it obo
  2. why doesn't anyone ever put thier location in thier posts?
  3. Shipping avaliable? What is the weight roughly?
  4. hey guys

    weight is appr. 175lbs im located in moore, oklahoma zip 73160
  5. Because they were used to regional selling forums :shrug:
  6. just forgot to ad soory for that.
  7. sold

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.