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  1. due to being finding myself in the right place at the right time with the right collection of parts I was able to lend my Mach 1 buckets to TMI so they could make patters of the foam and covers....

    I got the seats back Friday and they look (and feel) GREAT!!! much more supple than the OE material...While they had the seats they were generous enough to make my convertible rear seats match the Mach 1 fronts. I had them use a red stripe like the '69 Mach 1 to add a bit of color to the otherwise black/gray/silver I just need to find a bit of matching red pleather to replace the gray carpet stripe in the door panels

    My understanding is that TMI will have the kits out sometime next year. And since the GT uses the same seat frame as the Mach/Bullitt/Cobra, by just changing the foam and covers you can get the Mach/Bullitt/Cobra seats in a GT.




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  2. wow. Cannot wait to replace mine
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  3. LOOKS GREAT! How much will something like that cost with regular GT seats?
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  4. Looks great!
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  5. Thank you guys - we were really happy to be able to get these to market! Just so everyone knows, these can be made in array of different colors. The only drawback being, the original Linkweave insert section is no longer available. However, the original reproduction leather/vinyl is Dark Charcoal is available - a good substitute for the insert would be to simply do a perforated version of the Dark Charcoal in the insert. But we can do pretty much any color combo you're looking for. Also, we'll be releasing this pattern altered to fit over stock GT foam.

    Slayer - our 94-98 & 99-04 Line already up and running on quite a few of our Authorized Dealers sites - PM me if you need a list!

    These should be released before the end of the year - then 03-04 Cobra & 01 Bullitt are next!!
  6. PM me a list of the sites where I can get the foam with the extra bolsters and a stock looking cover to go over it.

    Looks amazing mransr
  7. Ah

    Hey Kornnut - sorry we don't have that option just yet. However, we will be offering the both a Bolstered Version of the GT and also a Mach 1 version that will fit over stock GT foam. However - we'll be releasing the Cobra & Bullitt first - then we'll go back and release the custom options you're looking for. Don't worry - as always, I'll keep you guys updated!!
  8. I noticed that in the pictures his car has the upgraded headrests. Is there any plan to offer foam/upholstery for those along with the kits? I always thought that the stock small headrests looked ridiculous and were basically useless (so I would love to upgrade them). Plus I think the larger headrest would match the bolstered seat foam a lot better.
  9. No plans as of right now as that would require a whole new foam mold, we would simply be offering the 'pillow case' pull over headrest covers fro all of the different models - the foam and hardware for the headrest would have to be re-used.
  10. thanks guys....I'm really looking forward to some nice weather this weekend so I can enjoy it for a while
  11. Mach seats are much better than GT seats. They actually hold you in place. lol
  12. tru dat...
    I've had the Mach seats for a couple years (?), but they feel SO MUCH better now; the material is much more supple than the OE material

  13. Will I have to buy replacement foam?
  14. For the bolstered seats I am almost positive you will.
  15. Steeda is correct - in order to get the bolsters you would have to replace the foam - the bolsters are not part of the upholstery, but rather part of the foam that the upholstery fits over.
  16. Looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to replace my exisitng stock GT seats with Cobra foam/covers or GT bolstered foam/new GT covers. I would need them in cloth though, so I wonder how much later the cloth versions would be coming out? Or will they be introduced at the same time? Thanks again for the pics Mike, and thanks TMI for stepping up to offer us new edge owners some new seating options besides aftermarket or trying to find Mach 1/Bullitt/Cobra sets!
  17. Scourt - saw this post and got your email - Ford changed their cloth material almost yearly - and most cannot be sourced today for any reasonable price. The only offerings i currently have for the material is an interlude cloth material - which i can gladly send you a sample of if you would like to see it. The Vinyl and Leather we have matched close to perfectly - sadly, the cloth was not so easy.
  18. Thank you for the reply. I would definitely like to see a sample of the cloth. I understand the match may not be perfect at all, but It won't be any worse than a black aftermarket seat, etc. I was also curious regarding whether you could order (when you get the patterns done) a version of the Mach 1 or Cobra seats in the cloth material instead of vinyl, suede, etc.? Do you also do any kind of custom stuff like contrasting stitching color?