Mach 1 new Mach owner and needing maintenance guidelines..

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  1. Ok...first off...I'm not new to working on mustangs and cars in general but I have never owner a 4v. So I am looking for the general stuff that Mach 1 owners use and do to their cars to upkeep them.

    note: bought car with 24k miles and one owner who waxed it before trading it

    1. how do you clean the scoop, stripes, and wing w/o making them fade?
    2. best wax and interior cleaner?
    3. best plugs?
    4. royal purple still good in the 4v and what weight? (florida)
    5. anything else you all can think of?

    Thanks for the info....

    ps...damn this thing has torque!!! :hail2:
  2. 1. I wash the scoop, stripes, and wing with the wash mitt along with the rest of the car. I use s100 engine brightener (found in motorcycle shops) to keep the scoop nice and dark. I use klasse all in one (can be found at ) on the stripes and wing, it cleans off any water spots and keeps them from fading.

    2. I use klasse all in one first then klasse sealant on the paint. It lasts longer then other waxes I've used. For the interior I use a damp microfiber cloth, for cleaner I'll use woolite at 1 capful per gallon of hot water. I have used other cleaners like simple green but the woolite doesn't remove the white markings on switches.

    3. I haven't replaced the spark plugs on the mach 1 but I like to use copper autolites in everything else. Most would agree that iridium plugs are the best but very expensive. $12.99 each.

    4. Royal purple is too expensive for me, I use mobil 1 in everything. I use factory weight oils, do a search on oil and you'll find alot of info.

    5. Condition the leather!
  3. what do you use to condition the leather in your car?

    thank you for the info so far. Anyone else have any input?
  4. I tried meguiars but its like using armour all on your seats. I use lexol cleaner then lexol conditioner. From what I can tell only the front surfaces of the front seats are leather, the head rests, back seats and everything else is vinyl. I meguairs vinyl dressing is pretty good, but I went with lexol vinylex to try it.
  5. Pig Spit is the best on the Shaker, hands down. You can find it at Wal-Mart, usually where the motorcycle stuff is.
  6. I have used the OEM MotorCraft 5W-20 motor oil since day one.

    How has your T3650 transmission been performing?

  7. I agree Pig Spit is the best for the Shaker....just wish I could find it at the Wal-Mart in my area