new MAF,injectors,75mm T/B, inlet elbow, initial impressions

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by billfisher, May 7, 2006.

  1. pro products T/B and inlet elbow.

    inlet elbow: holes drilled incorrectly. T/B did not line up.
    it didn't matter as i ported the T/B outlet anyway. my manifold has an 80mm inlet. i ported the elbow to 1/16" to the edge of the flange. no pics. 75mm is the most this can be ported at the mating of the upper and lower. i remove as much material as possible inside the elbow. very thin.

    75mm T/B:seems to be a good quality product. i ported after the throttle blade a little. i also knife edged the blade at the rear.only the non-contecting side. i removed a small amount of metal on the shaft. polished with compound and a buffer wheel. no pics.

    30# injectors: it's impossible to quantify their usefulness without knowing current duty. however, the motor is much smoother. idle quality is way better. 45 psi.

    80mm C&L maf. i used the stock maf initially. totally undrivable. i haven't changed the program yet. i switched to the C&L set for 30# and whammo i ran faster than ever on my"track out back."

    SOTP means crap. nothing zilch. the average person cannot tell between 20-35 hp loss or gain.

    when i ran the short runner intake before there was a noticable loss of torque. it ran the same up top as the stocker. now it is totally different. the track will tell all. i seem to have gotten back as much as it has with the long runner. i wonder how it will run with the improved setup. (long runner)

    the moral: use the proper equipment there is no reason to waste power with inadequate stuff. i wanted to see what gains can be made. i'll get back after track day. i still have to fix a large header leak. the short runner accelerates scary now.
  2. btw i ran it forgetting to connect the maf. it still ran fine. funny huh.
  3. cool let us know on the track #'s, are you going to get it dyno'ed also
  4. yeah, i'm finally ready to get it dynoed. owensboro KY. after retarding the cams. open exhaust. before the forgings or new cams.