New member, 1993 LX project car!


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Aug 21, 2019
Florence, SC
Hey guys! I just wanted to introduce myself. I've been lurking a bit and benefitting from some of the shared knowledge here for a while, and just last month I bought a 1993 LX 5.0 Coupe. It's a fixer upper for sure, but running and driving, and I'm quite happy about it. Compression test was solid.

I had a 1991 GT in high school and I never forgot that car, it's great to be back in a fox.

Good things!
- GT40 cylinder heads
- GT40 tubular intake
- 1.7 Crane rockers
- 65mm Edelbrock/BBK throttle body
- Hurst shifter
- Smog delete
- Spintech mufflers, with original tailpipes
- Surprisingly clean and complete interior. No extra guages, no removed rear seats, headliner looks redone, no abuse evident.
- Converted A/C refrigerant, cold A/C! This is important, I live in South Carolina.
- Running and Driving, idle seems solid, doesn't overheat, no problems yet.

Bad things!
- needs injectors. has 7x original ones, 1 aftermarket 24lb one. So it's mismatched and not running super great.
- very tired and worn suspension. Springs have been cut (and then spacers added).
- Third gear can sometimes transmit lots of noise/vibration through the shifter... I'm bracing myself for this one.
- needs pads/rotors/drums
- leaky valve cover gasket. They appear to be cork.
- PCV system needs replaced
- I can't roll the passenger window up/down from the driver's side switch, only the passenger's side switch
- power mirrors will only adjust upwards from the control, won't go side to side or downwards, guessing those'll need replaced
- damage to the hood, apparently from clipping a deer years ago.
- one piece headlights have got to go. yuck.
- Saleen wing previously installed on the trunklid, I've plugged the holes but that'll need fixed/replaced when it's time for paint/body.

I had the rear end rebuilt (seals, etc) and 3.55 gears installed last weekend. It was leaking at the pinion seal. One of the upper bushings was shot and the rear end wasn't mounted solidly. I believe the movement of the diff was what wore out the pinion seal.

Anyways, it's my dream car basically. Thrilled to be part of the community.



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Aug 16, 2019
Tempe, AZ
She's a beauty, congrats on the purchase. Cold AC, no overheat, quality interior sounds like a winner to me. Looks like most of the fixes are pretty easy/inexpensive. Here in AZ you can get a white OEM hood on Craigslist for $25-$50. Might be a cheap easy way to drop the "deer damage". Welcome back to the club. I had a '92 coupe in High School. Still have it, 25 years and counting.
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Slap me as well as point and laugh
May 17, 2018
Enterprise AL
Nice looking car! I agree most of the stuff in the bad list isn't too hard to fix. That transmission might be an issue, but not the end of the world.
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Jan 10, 2019
Agreed. Lots of straightforward issues. This site is a great resource to chase down bugs. 99.9% of the things you'll he dealing with have been identified/documented/resolved and shared on this site.
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