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  1. Hi everybody,
    Happy to be here, my name's Joe from Cleveland, OH. I come to stangnet by way of AFM where I've enjoyed the past few years, but unfortunately their SN95 and Mustang communities have become extremely inactive. I was really happy to come across stangnet and what looks like a thriving community. It'll take a bit of getting used-to, but I really like what I see so far (including the forum user interface).
    I have a '95 Turbo GT (Boost Brothers) and a '78 II that I'm currently restoring from the ground up. I'm happy to share whatever I've learned about both, and have some good experience with Moates Quarterhorse and Binary Editor.
    Anyways, I look forward to being a part of your community and to making a few friends along the way.

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  2. Another AFM "refugee" (I was a moderator there for ten years, hasn't been the same since the original moderator crew all left, I was the last to go. Those new guys have ZERO sense of humor and banned me for saying "sammiches" too many times. (true story)...)

    I've been a Stangnet member forever too, and all in all, I like it here. The staff is good, the forums (other than the II forum, which is a bit sad, it used to be pretty rockin' back in the day) are active, and the community is good people.
  3. Glad to meet you my friend! I hope a lot of the good guys come join us here. I recently took issue with a moderator who berated one of their 'top dogs' who had been on AFM for a decade himself. PM'd the mod and the administrator, who told me to mind my own business and leave the mods alone, along with a suggestion that if I didn't like it, go somewhere else (so hello!). To a casual observer it seems like the mods are trying to purge their oldest most respected users perhaps to protect their 'turf' or perhaps some little-man's syndrome. I don't think that will end well for AFM... get rid of the knowledgeable and helpful users who built their membership in the first place. Whatever, their loss is my new home's gain, and I look forward to a new start, giving advice, having some laughs, and making some new friends. Thanks for the welcome! We've got to jump-start the II forum, lots of guys I know picking those cars up now for a song and anxious for some help. We've got to stick together since we don't get much love from anyone else. :)
  4. turkey sammich
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  5. You mean... @Turkey Sammich ? lol
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  6. Glad to have you guys here!

    We try our best to keep the community active. This site is still run by the enthusiasts that started it. That makes a difference I believe.
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  7. Joe, you get used to binary editor? It's a little overwhelming at first!
  8. Thanks guys for the warm welcome! Yes Madspeed, I got used to BE after a while. It was a little overwhelming at first, I just learned to stick to the parameters that I know and understand. I was definitely nervous about it too, knowing that my turbo would melt the hyper-e pistons in a second if I screwed up (I went with it because I'm cheap and couldn't see myself spending $700 for a dyno-tune and having to redo that everytime I changed something). That Tweecer getting-started guide was pretty good (even though I had the QH it all still made sense). Mostly I found the computer behaved in ways I didn't expect more than trouble with the software. For example, that at idle it seems to completely ignore everything related to long & short-term fuel trims and MAF maps and goes completely off of your injector specs. Anything I can help you with just send a message.
  9. We have a 94-95 Specific forum, come over and hang with us.
  10. Thanks, I'll definitely see you over there!
  11. Welcome glad to have another sn95 guy aboard!