New member - 99 GT and 2017 GT


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Jan 16, 2019
Hello all! I'm a new member. I have 2 mustangs. The first is a 2017 base GT manual w/ black accent package and I just recently picked up a 99 GT auto to use as a daily driver and keep miles off the 17. The 17 is shadow black and the 99 is emerald green.

The 2017 is mostly stock but I do have a PMAS CAI, VMP tune, and catback on it. Don't really have plans to do much more to it but I absolutely love this car. The engine was replaced at 12k miles unfortunately due to piston slap but the new coyote seems to be healthy. ::fingers crossed::

The 1999 is 100% stock as far as I can tell and only has 78k miles! The engine and trans seem very healthy. Shortly after I picked it up, I did notice a raw gas smell. Tracked it down to the fuel rail crossover hose in the back that was touching the EGR system. It had melted through and had a pinhole spewing gas. Replaced the hose, kept it routed away from EGR, and it is no longer spewing gas. Could have been an ugly situation but was easy enough to sort out. I do have one other issue I'm hoping to get some help from members on here. I'll probably post something in the sn95 section about this specifically too. I have metallic grinding noise coming from the rear end. It is fairly constant at all speeds. I believe just the driver side wheel but I'm not 100% on that. I'm hoping it is a brake issue. I ordered new pads and rotors for all 4 corners and plan to put them on ASAP. Is there a good way to know before I put the brakes on whether it is a brake issue or diff? I'm sure hoping it isn't diff as I don't feel comfortable doing work on that. I can replace the fluid no problem but anything else is above my skill level. Anyone have thoughts on this?

Glad to be a part of the discussion here! Thanks in advance for any help on the grinding noise.


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