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  1. Hey everybody I'm 17 and getting a mustang was always my dream since I started drivers training at 14. Well I got my license at 16 and that didn't happen right away... I got a 99 Chrysler 300 for a starter car, and had to prove to my parents I was a good enough driver to handle the car I wanted! Well it has finally paid off and I just picked her up last week! A 95 Mustang GT, 5.0 V8 and has the 5 speed. It's my first stang! Hit me up with some feedback, anything I should add?[​IMG]
  2. You'll hear the basic run of gears for a better ride, or x-pipe for a better exhaust, go too high and it'll supposedly kill your mpg. The color is pretty nice and looks good still and I like the rims a ton.
  3. should have made your dopey looking friend get out the picture so we could see the car.

    I would do nothing just drive it and see if you can keep out of trouble before you invest all your paper money in hop up parts .

    have fun
  4. Thanks Jordan! Yeah it has the true Duals, and each is hooked up to a flowmaster champion. Sounds very mean and deep throaty. I would like different tips eventually, something more original and unique. Haha sorry I'll upload another pic tomorrow when I'm at the computer. Have new front tires on the way! Nexon N3000's 275/45/17 pretty wide. And yeah thanks they're cobra insignia rims! I'm loving the car already. Any upgrades I should make? Give me some good ideas on what I should do first! Not that knowledgeable on cars but enough and more thank average for a 17 year old!
  5. Here's a better picture!

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  6. It needs to lose the 4x4 height. Those Cobra wheels look great on 94-95's when lowered. Invest into a set of quality springs.

  7. Your car looks awesome! What kind of springs you have on yours? And about how much am I looking at? Oh and VibrantRedGT what kind of tires and what size are they you have?
  8. Ryan Timiney
    I didn't go with an aggressive drop even though in that pic the front is slammed. I had just put the 347 motor in and QA1 Tubular K-Member. I took it to Steeda for alignment where they also put in new taller rubber spring isolators because the tires were rubbing. I'm going to post a picture of the stock wheels so you can see the stance with 16" Pony wheels. Tire size is Khumo 275-45-17 all the way around. The car also has Tockico 5-way adjustable struts and 4 bolt caster camber plates. The springs are by Ford Motorsport P/N 5300-C which is a 1" drop in the front and 7/8" out back.

    Here is the sleeper stage I went through for many years. Vortech S-Trim supercharger, Heads, Cam, Intake, Full Exhaust, gears, everything, but from the outside nothing more than your typical stock looking Mustang. The Corvette Z06 made it's debut during this time where Vette owners where always dumbfounded when pulling away with 16" Pony wheels.

  9. Looks like a great car. Most of us don't appreciate how old and out dated our cars are, and it's nice to see young guys that still have an appreciation for them.

  10. revhead347 Thanks! I really do love the car, and keep it so clean you could eat off it, even the interior! Most kids my age just get a car, don't ever wash it or clean out the interior! On the other hand I like my car clean and it shows and pays off by the looks! Then the other kids wonder how I got it, and it's simple I showed my parents I had respect for a car and would not rag on it or anything! :)
  11. very nice and congrats i would say lowering springs as well ,i like the eibach pro kit
  12. Thanks YEAHLOH95! How much do those usually run?
  13. 150 to 300. usually 200 for a regular set, most websites tell you how much it'll drop by putting them on, when you do avoid speed bumps or your catalytic converters will get a bit beat up like mine (my car isn't even lowered-__-).
  14. If you are tearing into the suspension reserve some funds. The car is old, and there are bound to be other parts in there you need to change.

  15. Yeah I'm broke so mostly things I need! Parents refuse to help out with a lot of things for upgrading the car. I had to get new front tires cause the ones on there when I bought it had belts showing... So that was $250 and also had a front end alignment. And ordered white face gauges from AM, that are on there way! Living in Michigan and for 17 year olds jobs are slim to none to find. I was promised a job if I came back end of August detailing cars at a local dealership so that should help me get a cash flow! Parents buy my gas and insurance and everything else so all that money will go towards Mustang Parts and some into savings for a newer stang! :nice:
  16. Welcome.... Sweet looking ride...looks damn mint. You came to the right place...we can help you to spend that cash...:nice:
  17. Try to get cash for birthdays and Holiday's to fund your project. That's what I did when I was young and broke.
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  18. NICE CAR KID!!!!!!
    First thing make sure its running properly spark plugs wires, ignition coil cap rotor thermostat, Check your radiator. Change your fluids. Maybe a Cold Air Intake system. Definately need new tips. Then dig into the suspension. You dont have to rush as long as the car is running and driving. Keep saving up every thing you can and you'll have it breathing fire in no time. I can appreciate your appreciation!!! Mustangs rule!!!! Welcome to the club
  19. First sentence from Bangerstanger is spot on. Get what you have running well first, including making sure you have good brakes. If you're going to have to do brake work anyway, look around on here for info on a PBR caliper swap. Pretty cheap upgrade, makes a difference, without going big bucks for Cobras or other larger kits. Not sure if I'd go with CAI next. I'd rather get it handling well first. I'll second the Eibach Prokit. Gets you springs and shocks that are tuned to work well together. If you do springs, you'll want to do a C/C kit too, IMHO. Springs/shocks will improve how your car handles dramatically, since you're probably running on original gear.

    Next, in the bang-for-the-buck category would be a rear gear swap. Depending where you live, that can be relatively cheap, or stupid expensive. It's not a DIY project for beginners, but it is the single biggest thing to wake up your car's acceleration.

    But whatever you do, ENJOY your car. Remember, there'll always be one faster, shinier, etc, but this one is YOURS. Have fun with it. Congrats!
  20. enjoy it while you can in the summer and work in the winter. nothing sucks more than wanting to drive your car and not being able to because its taken apart. rear gears arent that hard you just need to take your time checking all of your tolerances. borrow a good dial indicator and get a shim set too get good clearance. u could do it in one day. also i reccomend rebuilding the diff with carbon fiber clutch packs thats easy to do too. just dump the exhaust after the mufflers. less weight