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  1. What's that pay? I was looking into quitting my current job for something like that, i'm not making enough lol:p
  2. Nice ride! I remember being 16 and drivig maround in my first stang! Here I am now at almost 29yo and have had a few of them and still prefer them to any car on the road! I will offer some advice. Treat it respectfully and keep the racing on the track. Showing off and acting like an ass when I had my first one landed me in trouble with the parents and I ended up getting the car taken away by them even when I was the one making payments. Remember, even if they don't see you, someone who knows them just may! It happened to me. But it showed me how to act in a car and has led to me keeping my cars in great shape as well as my driving record over the past years!

    It's a very clean looking car! Remember, when you start lowering it there will be other bushings and things like that you will want to replace depending on age and what has already been replaced :) Take care of her, she sure is nice!
  3. Nice Ride Man!:hail: I love that color and those rims look great on it too. I would just echo what everyone else has said. First thing make sure its in good mechanical shape as far as basic tuneup. When I first got mine it was incredible how much more responsive and powerful it was after I gave it a much needed tuneup. Plugs, Wires, Cap and Rotor, Fuel Filter, New Fluid for Radiator, etc. Youll love the car ive had mine sice Nov 2003. Just like the above poster said as well keep the racing at the track. I understand how tempting it is to do the street racing and youll get alot of temptation driving a nice looking loud mustang like that, but its really not worth it. I did it some when I was younger and looking back now I was very lucky I did not get caught because I picked some stupid places to do it. Most cops are itching at the chance to pull over a young guy in a mustang like that so just be aware youll receive alot more attention than you did in the 300. As far as upgrades go nothing made as big of a diff as 3.73's did. Night and day would be an understatement going from 2.73's to 3.73's. Love the stang and be aware once you start moding it its hard to stop.:nice:
  4. I say '01-'04 Center Console upgrade, because the stock cupholder sucks. LOL
    Did this when I first got my old '95 GT(the 2000 GT seats came later). And now New Edge Mustangs are pleantiful in junkyards, which makes the swap easier(had to get mine off ebay). You might be able to grab the front brakes from one too! Back when I had my '95, SN95 Mustangs of any kind were rare in junkyards, and usually picked clean, and that was only 7 years ago.

    Also, I have the BBK CAI with filter and hardware I took off my '95 GT before selling. PM me if you're interested; I'll let it go cheap.
  5. +1. On center console swap. It's direct fit, but you can mod it so you have 3 cup holders by keeping your black center console liner and carving a small indention into the 01-04 center console so it can fold out. The only down side is that the greys are slightly different.
    Here's a magazine article on it:
    If you have the tools I suggest the method requiring a dremel and plastic welds.
  6. Thanks everybody on the responses! Sorry I've been really busy with my senior year in High School and sadly just this past weekend I had to put her away due to Michigan winters :( At least next year it wont look bad cause of salt and acid on the roads!! Recently I upgraded my gauges to white face so it's all blue lights and looks pretty awesome I must say! Thanks to American Muscle on that one. Great website and that's where I'm getting new parts I don't want to buy used. I want to buy some L.E.D wheel well strips. I painted calipers bright blue and had my slotted and drilled rotors cleaned up. Looks awesome and Christmas is right around the corner so money will all be dropped into my car!
  7. I can feel you on the senior year part, so busy, so little time to focus on the poor stangs.
    American Muscle is a great website, but you should look across all the mustang websites before always going with them (I love them to death, but I find same brand stuff and parts all the time on other websites), they're very user friendly and helpful of course. Just, don't pass up places like CJ pony parts because it's harder to navigate or so expansive in supply.

    I'm not too sure about the L.E.D. strips, a little more of a tuner look, and more flashy but whatever is your cup of tea:p


    tax rebates, and holidays anyone?