New member and new to the Foxbody world.


Nov 14, 2019
Good day all, new member here and new to the Foxbody world. I purchased my first Foxbody last year after my kid brother passed away in his 89 Convertible. I bought a clean, rust free 86 GT with 98k original miles. Since then, i have installed a stroked 408w pushing 650hp at the crank and 501hp at the wheels on a conservative tune. All new Maximum Motorsports suspension, and Faceplated TKO600. Needless to say my brother would have been proud of this build as he owned more than two dozens of these cars since his youth. I joined the forum to ask questions and to continue this journey to learn and share my experiences. I have made several expensive mistakes and have also learned a few shortcuts aside from making some cool friends. image0.jpeg
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