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  1. Hello All:
    My name is Dick D from Boston MA. I am 65 years old, owned a new 1997 Mustang GT for 8 years, and the first 1967 Mercury Cougar XR-7 V8 4bbl, std shift. I have been a long time Ford owner, and just took delivery this Oct of 2012 Mustang BOSS 302, #2146 in Kona Blue wi/recaro seats/torsen differential option. Have only 400 miles on it so far, just got TracKey last week. It is an awesome performer and looker. I look forward to participating in the StangNet Forums.

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  2. Hey buttmunch! You have my car!!! :fuss:

    No really, if I were going to rder one, it would be THAT color scheme. Beautiful car... Welcome to Stangnet! :nice:
  3. awesome looking car, seeing all these boss's makes me wish I would of waited the extra 6 months....Even though I'm perfectly satisfied with the one I got. I would of ended up with a yellow one, those are nice cars. Congrats and welcome to SN :nice:
  4. Man, that is beautiful, I want it.
  5. :hail2:
  6. Very nice car!

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  7. Welcome, I'm a Boss owner too. Break it in easy and have fun. I love this car. Ford really did good on this one.
  8. Welcome to stangnet. I'm definitely jealous.
  9. Very Nice... Good Luck!
  10. veryyyyy NicE WelcomE!!!;)
  11. Beautiful car. Welcome!