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  1. 85 stang hatchback gt 306 edelbrock cam intake carb unknown not stock heads... thinking gt40 but cant tell. Anyways needs passenger headgasket.. i can drive car but when i beat on it it gets hot fast... when im at stoplight what drips on exhaust makes it smoke (vapor)... my plan is to replace both head gaskets either find out what kinda heads the old owner put on it or send heads for cleaning port n polishing. Clean up and paint valve covers. They r finned ones and i like them. Delete ac, smog pump. Do elect fan. Replace waterpump n t stat. I already has a misromoto alumn rad in it.
  2. Take it from me and park it until you get the gasket relpaced. It's only gonna get worse and the potential for something else breaking rises the more you let it go.
    This is what happened to me.
  3. The problem is water in a liquid state does not compress like air. When enough of the coolant gets in the compression chamber and does not compress, something expensive bends or breaks. Or when enough coolant leaks out, it overheats and bad things happen then too. Sooooo... time for gaskets, or just blow it up and get a new motor if that sounds like more fun.
    It will be interesting to see what parts are in it. Be sure to check the heads for warping and making sure the surface is good to seal while it is apart.