new member, circle track racer.

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  1. i race at my local track. quarter mile circle track. pavement. i got wrecked first night ever racing and the car got totaled. hit the wall at about 50mph, we got a new car and were racin now in a blue and black 82 coupe #64. i also have a 83 hatchback T top as a spare car that im building to run with the faster group. heres some pics.

    ps. the gray/primerd car is the one i race now before it was painted.

    DSCF0694.jpg DSC01220.jpg
  2. awesome welcome thanks guys...haha i take it you guys care more about street mustangs and drag cars...oh well. i guess ill just try and sell my **** and leave.
  3. Welcome to the forum. My apologies for the late reply.
  4. do you have a daily driver mustang or do you just cut them up and race each there own but i herd you guys can get some power out of the 2.3