New Member from Australia.

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  1. Hi, am and have been a Mustang enthusiast for the last thirty years or so and need a daily fix of Mustang news and views.

    Until recently have been a member of another forum, (guess which), but now find myself banned with no reason given, can only assume my crime was my last post to inform them that the 2014 Mustangs Across America Run is on.

    However if that is as controversal as I will get, I look forward to being a member on this informative and welcoming forum.

    My first Mustang was a 1965 $300 six cylinder Coupe, bought in San Diego in 1979 while working with the US Navy, had no way of bringing it home on a Submarine, so left the signed title and the keys on the dash and left it on the wharf.
    Wonder where it is now.

    There have been many others up to the present time.

    Currently have a 14,500 mile 1979 Pace Car, a 17th December 1964 Fastback, a 1965 Coupe , a 1966 Six cylinder Coupe and have just acquired an Ford Australia 2002 Cobra Convertible.

    All right had drive with the exception of the Pace Car.

    Cheers from Australia.:)
  2. Welcome to the Forums! I was a long time lurker msyelf.( YEARS) Glad to have you, and you shouldnt have to deal with any of that around here, just maybe a little wise-crackin and leg