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Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by carfixer, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Wanted to say Hello. I traded in my 03 Mach1 on a 2010 GT Premium coupe a couple of weeks ago. Car is black with black interior. It has the Track Pack, security package and HID's. With the 19's and P Zeros and GT500 suspension, this thing really handles. Interior is really improved and refined, especially compared to my Mach1. I love the look of the new dash and center stack and the way they shaped the rear quarter from the B pillar back. One thing I'm not impressed with is the HID's. I guess I expected more from them. I have aftermarket HID's on my Marauder and they throw much more light.

    I thought about waiting for the '11 but I'm very impatient. I had a couple of reasons that I went with the '10. #1, you can get a smokin deal with zero % financing. They also bumped the price on my trade to sweeten the deal. #2, I will be S/Cing the car right away and the 4.6 with the 10:1 compression is more boost friendly than the '11. Everything for the '11 will cost a fortune for the first year or 2. This is my opportunity to have a 450RWHP car without having to wait. #3, I'm impatient :)

    Speaking of S/C, I'm going with the Edelbrock E-Force competition kit with the right pieces to get 450RWHP.

    My other car is a 2004 Marauder with a Trilogy Eaton S/C. I call it my 4 door Cobra. It runs 12.2's on Nitto Drag Radials. Bought it new and will never part with it.

    Anyway, plan to do a lot of reading and participating.