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IRS swap VS 5-link VS Panhard

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Jan 20, 2015
Hi everyone and thanks for taking the time to read this, I could use some pointers to good threads/articles to help with my builds and I’m sure you guys will help me out.

So to start I guess I’ll give a quick background, I’ve loved mustang since I was 7 years old and I got to steer my uncles 65 coupe while it was pushed around in his basement/shop. So after 10 years of wanting and dreaming I bought 2 1966 mustangs coupes in 2006. One was a straight-6, low miles, garage kept 3 speed manual, with no power steering or brakes, it was meant to be the base for my donor car; the donor, a K-code coupe with all the options and more rust then body left. Well after 2 years of driving the 6 cylinder, I finally gave up on the old K-code as the engine was seized and the trans(c-4 auto) was bad too so I sold it before I went to college. The remaining 66 was my daily driver (still own it) till 2012 when I got my current car and the reason I’m here today:
My 2003 GT Centennial Edition Coupe

Now as soon as I got this car I started racing autoX events on weekends, so the car has been built more for handling and mid-range torque with a wide power band. I’ve had to get creative to stay in my class and be competitive, that was until the SCCA reclassed my car cause in their mind a 2003 GT is the same as a 2013 gt 5.0 w/ track pack, grrr (that’s a rant for another day).

My current build (parts on car):
Accell coils
Iridium plugs
SCT 4 bank chip
SVE Cold Air Intake
SVE tubular LCA’s (I had the uppers to but I snapped on clean off racing and I’m back to stock for now)
Rebuilt Trac-Lok w/ carbon disc’s
Urethane bushings everywhere (except axle bushings)
SR coil-overs
Hawk HP+ pads
Hurst billet pro shifter w/ 1 bend chrome “hog leg” long bar & retro shift knob
SR billet clutch quadrant
SR billet firewall adjuster
Walbro 255lph fuel pump
Torque box reinforcements
17X9 95 cobra R rims with 255/40r17 direzza zII star spec’s

Parts to go on car (owned but not installed):
BBK bolt on sub-frame connectors (can’t weld in my race class)
Strut tower brace (I have one from a Mach 1 and one for a GT) not sure which is needed with a bullit intake
Rear shock tower brace
01 Bullitt GT intake with twin 57mm TB (Christmas present from me- to me)
Under drive pulleys

Now that I have that info out there, anyone have any advice on what else I should look at getting for my car?

I’ve thought about doing an IRS swap as I’m more concerned with cornering but I’ve heard that a 5 link might be better and cheaper in the long run or a pan hard bar for the short term, any opinions?

Headers; shorty vs long tube? Also for long tube, do people have any issues with them being to low?
X-pipes vs h-pipes vs straight pipes?
Best sound for a DD cat back (I like my flowmasters but they’re just the mufflers)

Next question big question:

Where should I look for info on the Bullitt intake swap, I got an original FoMoCo one for a steal and I’m hoping to get it done this spring but I don’t know a lot of things about it like

Do I need to retune my computer for the new intake?
Do I have to replace the Mass airflow sensor?
Do I need bigger injectors?
Where should I look for the throttle cable? (I can’t find them)
What issues if any should I keep an eye out for?

Any links to the right threads or just advice would be appreciated!
Thank you for the read I know it was long!
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Nov 29, 1999
a van down by the river
First off, welcome aboard. I will move this thread to the correct section that gets lots of traffic and you'll likely get all the information you could ever need!
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Jan 20, 2015
Thank you
hopefully I can get the info I need, my goal is to get the car ready to embarrass a bunch more s197's this year, maybe even a S550, but I've yet to see one autocrossed so that might be a pipe dream