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Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by 07CaliGTStang, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. Hello fellow Mustangers! Just thought I would say hello. My name is Laura. I am sure I know a few of you folks from other sites. Hope to continue to learn! Thanks for the warm welcome!

  2. Welcome, Laura.

    Good to have you. :)
  3. Hello, Laura. Glad to have you on-board. :nice:
  4. Welcome! :flag:

    Nice looking GT-CS! Nice touch on the headlights:nice:
  5. Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes.
  6. HI,everyone is anybody from nj?
  7. Are you asking me if I am from NJ? If so, then no. Originally from PA, but now live in MD.
  8. where do u race in md?
  9. I am new at this forum stuff.
  10. I usually go to Mason Dixon. I have gone to MIR(Maryland International Raceway) as well.

    Atco is a drag strip in NJ.

    Don't worry about the newbie thing. You'll get to used to it.
  11. yes that is where i run is your car tuned,and by the way it is very nice.
  12. Cool! My car has the usual can tune from Steeda. I tuned it after I put on the Steeda CAI. My car is mostly stock. No reason for me to get a custom tune.

    And thank you for the compliment.
  13. that is moving pretty good for what you have.I have a 2000 gt with spray and i am hoping to hit 11s once my tune is right.
  14. Ok gothca. Always pushing for that next's too damn addictive!

    I just got introduced to drag racing this year and I must say, the bug has bit me HARD. It's is one hell of a rush!!
  15. Until you step out on one of these...


  16. Lol, yeah, I'm afraid to try that. I've got enough of my money going into the drag racing scene. I'd be up to my eyeballs in debt if I got bit by that bug!!
  17. It is not cheap anymore to try and go faster but it is a rush,and i will keep going until i hit my number.
  18. You will get..........good luck!!
  19. Tnks,i am trying 2 set a 2v record on stock combo.