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  1. Hello all,

    I just purchased my second Mustang GT. I owned a 88 back in the early 90s. I just purchased a 97 GT with 118k on it and a 5 speed. This one ran into a guardrail by the previous owner so it needs a radiator core support and doghouse, and airbags. Other than that pretty solid. I also bought a 95 V6 5 speed for a parts car.

    I will be hitting the forums since I am having issues with the tranny not wanting to go into any forward gears and a piece of aluminum coming out in the tranny fluid when i changed the fluid and added a new zoom clutch kit, adjustable cable and firewall adjuster.

    It was doing the same thing before I replaced the clutch.

    Look forward to hearing from the experts on these cars..

    Thanks agian

    Retired Army MP here also
    OEF Veteran also
  2. Welcome aboard. :cheers:
  3. Welcome to :SNSign:, Jim!! Post up your tech questions on the 5.0 section for help.
  4. Thanks will do.